Apple continues to lead customer satisfaction with personal computers

Personal computers are alive and well. Customer satisfaction with personal computers — including desktops, laptops, and tablets—remains unchanged at 77 (on a 0 to 100 scale), according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI) Household Appliances and Electronics Report 2018. This new stability is helped in no small part by the high customer satisfaction with desktops.

Although just 17 percent of respondents recently purchased a desktop computer, customer satisfaction with them jumps 4 percent year over year to an ACSI score of 83. Tablets also climb 4 percent to 80, overtaking laptops, which rank as the only segment to deteriorate, down 3 percent to 75.

“Phones continue to supplant computers for web browsing, shopping, banking, and entertainment, but desktop computers are workhorses for gamers and business users,” said David VanAmburg, Managing Director at the ACSI, in a statement. “These users make up a small but passionate corner of the PC market, choosing desktops for the power and functionality that phones, tablets, and even laptops still can’t match, according to our satisfaction data.”

Apple sees new challenge from Amazon in PC market satisfaction

Apple’s customer satisfaction score hasn’t changed in the last year, but it continues to lead all personal computer makers with an ACSI score of 83. Not surprisingly, demand for the company’s Mac computers remains: Apple’s second quarter personal computer shipments grew by 1.7 percent year over year.

Amazon leaps 4 percent year over year to 82, tying for second with Samsung, which remains unchanged. ASUS falls 3 percent to 78, tying it with HP, which is up 1 percent from the year before.

Lenovo inches up 1 percent to an ACSI score of 77, matching the industry average. Acer is right behind at 75, unchanged from a year ago.

Registering the largest drops among PC makers, Dell falls 4 percent to 73 and Toshiba plummets 5 percent to 71, its lowest mark to date. According to users, these manufacturers aren’t competing well on value. Although Dell’s desktop models are well liked, users are largely unimpressed with the company’s machine designs. Meanwhile, Toshiba users say the company’s models struggle with speed and reliability in terms of system crashes.

Most aspects of the PC industry have deteriorated in the eyes of its customers. Design slips 1 percent to 82. Accessories, software and apps, and graphics and sound all fall 1 percent to 80. Ease of operation held steady at 79, but an increase in the frequency of system crashes along with features losing some of their appeal, triggered drops in both these categories to 77. Processor speed also dips 3 percent to 76.

Important customer touch-points show considerable signs of strain. Website satisfaction retreats 5 percent to 78, and call centers, which made progress last year, completely reverse course, plummeting 14 percent to 67.

“It’s hard to pinpoint why customer satisfaction in call centers fell so much, but the PC industry’s increased emphasis on web and mobile as it scales back on call centers is a big piece,” said VanAmburg. “If you’re downsizing your operations, especially with anything related to customer service, you’re going to see a drop in satisfaction as wait times increase and it’s harder to get a person on the phone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Whenever we see some poor bastage toting around a Dell or Toshiba laptop, a pang of pity almost breaks through our utter contempt.

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    1. Very few professionals have recently purchased an Apple computer, since they’re all hobbling along on old hardware waiting for next year to see the new Pro (or they’ve left the Mac ecosystem already). So they wouldn’t be included in this sample.

  1. Imagine all the years worth of unnecessary customer dissatisfaction for neglected Mac Mini and Mac Pro users? (There might be some MBP dissatisfied customers out there too with faulty keyboards and lackluster Touch Bar®.)

  2. “Whenever we see some poor bastage toting around a Dell or Toshiba laptop, a pang of pity almost breaks through our utter contempt.”

    Back in the latter part of the Dark Days Guy Kawasaki (who was once again for a short while the chief Mac Evangelist) would go up to people he saw with Wintel laptops and ask them point blank, “Is your work place *making* you use that machine?”

  3. Im denied latest OS on my mid 2011 Mac mini (16 GB ram, 512GB SSD, quad core i7), but if I buy a new Mac mini today, i gain USB 3 (no benefit to me for how it’s being used) but loose my quad core processor. Hope we see a new Mac mini soon.

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