This new iOS 12 feature is the birth of a whole industry

“Imagine if you had a low-weight imaging format you could use to transmit a huge quantity of data about an object, such as an image that included height, weight, depth data,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “That’s exactly what iOS 12’s clever USDZ imaging format provides, and it’s a building block for far more powerful augmented reality (AR) experiences in the future.”

“I spoke with Louis Jonckheere, chief product officer at Showpad, to learn his thoughts on this,” Evans writes. “‘AR is starting to become more mainstream for both consumer and enterprise applications, but still doesn’t have a file format that people agree on,’ Jonckheere explained. ‘If a critical mass of people adopt a single file format, such as USDZ, we could see augmented reality applications become even more prevalent.'”

“Apple at WWDC 2018 put its weight behind USDZ, a format developed with Pixar and supported by Adobe. This is now supported by iOS 12, and Apple has put command line tools in Xcode 10 that will easily convert 3D models to the format,” Evans writes. “Just as imaging formats such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and even PDF unleashed a big revolution in desktop publishing, AR imaging formats such as USDZ will enable a whole new class of industries and industrial applications of AR.

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