The Verge reviews Apple Watch Series 4: The best gets better; at least an order of magnitude better than other smartwatches

“The greatest Apple product comeback story of the past few years has, without a doubt, been the Apple Watch. Launched with great fanfare four years ago, the initial version tried to do way too much with way too little, and it had confusing software to boot,” Dieter Bohn writes for The Verge. “Worst of all, it was unclear what the original Apple Watch was even for. No single thing stood out.”

“The Series 4 has finally achieved something like the original goal of the Apple Watch,” Bohn writes. “It’s not quite a do-anything computer on your wrist, but it can be different things to different people now.”

“With apologies to the new iPhones, the Apple Watch Series 4 was the most impressive thing Apple announced last week. After using it for the past week or so, I think it lives up to the hype,” Bohn writes. “The screen on the Series 4 is just incredibly good. Apple says it’s 30 percent bigger, which is one of those specs that’s easy to just sort of pass over when you read it. But 30 percent is a lot, and you absolutely notice it right away.”

“This year’s Apple Watch is incredibly good,” Bohn writes. “The Apple Watch has earned its place as the best-selling watch. It’s at least an order of magnitude better than other smartwatches and fitness trackers. Nearly everything it is designed to do, it does very well. It’s not yet a general purpose computer for your wrist, but, thankfully, Apple isn’t aiming for that anymore. The Watch is for doing little bite-sized versions of phone things like texting and listening to music, it’s for fitness, and it’s for health monitoring. Now that Apple has figured out what the Apple Watch is for, the Series 4 just makes it better.”

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