Women criticize Apple for designing iPhones that are too big for women’s small hands

“Apple has been criticised by feminists for designing iPhones which are ‘too big’ for the average female hand,” Helena Horton reports for The Telegraph.

“Campaigners have responded angrily to the news that the technology company will be discontinuing the iPhone SE, which has a smaller screen. They argue that as the average female hand is an inch shorter in width compared to the average male’s, women need the option to buy smaller devices,” Horton reports. “The screen width of the new iPhone X models ranges from 5.8in to 6.5in, compared to the smaller iPhone SE, which has a smaller screen at 4in.”

“Caroline Criado Perez, the feminist campaigner behind the Millicent Fawcett statue in Parliament Square and the Jane Austen ten pound note, said she developed repetitive strain injury from using a phone which was too big for her hand,” Horton reports. “‘We should be furious about this, we are paying just as much money for it as men for a product that doesn’t work as well for us. I have to make a choice between making an upgrade to the only phone that fits my hand before they discontinue it – soon there will be no iPhone that fits the average woman’s hand size – even though the technology is two years out of date. Or get a new one and deal with the fact that it’ll give me RSI. That’s not an acceptable choice in the 21st century, you need to have a smartphone.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: In response, an Apple spokesman criticized God for designing women’s hands that are too small for iPhones.

Apple discontinues low-end 4-inch iPhone SE, replaces it with a much better ‘budget’ iPhone – September 14, 2018


    1. So, Mr. Prater, you oppose technology that would enable a significant part of the population to use iPhones?

      My guess is that people like dwse think that the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed to benefit “a lot of self-entitled losers.” Is it scary that visually impaired folks exist?

      Apparently it is scary that women exist, though they are plainly inferior since they are smaller on average. According to one poster below, their small hands are the result of feminism. If they just knew their place, their thumbs would reach all the way across an iPhone Xs Max!

      Honestly, how would you react if Apple dropped all its accessibility features because there aren’t enough people with disabilities to justify the expense?

      1. Give us a break from theself-righteous lecture. Prater is pointing out the hypocrisy present in what is in Horton’s report. Its really a load of BS and you know it.

        Economics determines what products are sold and females’ hand size has nothing to do with it nor does any kind of anti-woman sentiment as Horton’s sources would clearly have the world believe.

        Not everything that affects a gender has to do with what is between their legs.

        The other person “dwse” – the stupidity present in his choice of words and conclusion speaks for itself.

      2. I have to say the market is probably making the call here. If enough people (including women) were buying smaller phones, I’m sure Apple would continue making them. It’s as simple as that.

        Honestly, most of my friends who have Plus iPhones are women. I’m assuming because they can stash the phone in a purse, they’re not taking pocket-size into account when they’re deciding what to buy. Obviously my personal experience is anecdotal, but it doesn’t surprise me that the market for an SE size phone isn’t large enough for Apple to continue addressing it.

        1. “I have to say the market is probably making the call here.”

          No, beancounter Cook is making the call here to force sales of higher priced phones.

          “If enough people (including women) were buying smaller phones, I’m sure Apple would continue making them.”

          No, Apple sells millions of them particularly in developing countries because they are the lowest priced.

          It’s all about profits NOW under Cook, NOT serving their customers.

          Don’t diss the women …

      1. That’s a species, not a gender. Even Rehsus monkeys only come in male and female.

        Now if your species wants its own phone, you can design it.

        (And for you sensitive type, there is anatomically just male and female. How you identify is your business.)

        1. How dare you gender shame our furry friend above by forcing your outmoded binary system on them!
          Now days if you believe your gender is unicorn with rainbow farts, that’s what everyone is supposed to accept your gender as.
          Shame on you for opressing his special snowflakiness.

  1. OMG! How will they use Macs and their gigantic keyboards? How will these women use iPads? How will they be able to drive cars? Burn these oppressive devices now! BDS now!
    Modern feminism is a cancer.

      1. Android kinda pushed the accelerator on large phones, Apple just followed.

        Raging over this seems like raging over being kicked off Twitter. Some things that are made today are not for some people. They will live unless their little snowflake hearts melt 🙂

    1. It might be nice to see something that has the overall size of the SE, but with an edge to edge, larger screen (as in the approach of the X models). Maybe Apple will look at this in the future, when the legacy models offered in the current lineup drop off.

      1. Something even smaller than the SE. I like your description but I’d add if they are thinking small then take a step further and shrink the phone even more. Make a real small phone. Make it distinctive. Most of us wouldn’t want the small phone as our primary phone, but I wouldn’t mind using it given certain situations SO LONG AS I could switch back and forth between my regular, larger phone and a small one.

        Make the small phone about the size of the iPod – thin, edge to edge screen. Encourage use of Cloud services. Maybe it could be used to help sell Cloud services since onboard storage may not be all that much.

        I think there is a sizable segment of the current iPhone market that would buy a second, much smaller phone, if we could switch between phones. Now that I’m thinking about it, we probably already can do it with continuity.

      2. Yes, exactly. Not a cheap phone. The full-featured up-to-date 4.5” – 5” iPhone Xpro. For professionals who are too busy to put their briefcases down in order to use two hands.

        People who need cheap phones are actually more likely to have such low self-esteem they aren’t embarrassed to scurry around hunched over like Gollum, clutching their precioussss with both hands.

      3. One problem with Apple releasing a new ‘small’ iPhone at this point would be the difficulty in justifying a near $1k price which iPhones are trending towards. The alternative would be to actually price it about $600 and possibly eat into the sales of the new line of iPhones.

          1. If the small one is priced too close to a much larger iPhone one may eat into the sales of the other. Or it may end up with the smaller phone ‘failing’ in sales due to consumers’ perceiving a better value in the larger version.

  2. Is it really that hard for Apple to do? Would it be that expensive to engineer? Why let that market slip away? Why not design something for people with small hands?

    Why not design a way for people to quickly switch phones. The big phone for work and the small phone for that late night, party purse.

    The small phone doesn’t need all the bells and whistles.

        1. No problem with that. Just the idea of owning both a large and small iPhone at the same time (probably with the same number) may be out of range for most people’s budget.

  3. So, wait. Apple designs a phone that fits women’s hands well – that’s the iPhone 8 or the Xs or whatever they call it these days. So now they design a phone for people with bigger hands WITHOUT abandoning the feminized base iPhone and suddenly they’re non-feminist? Why does one sex or the other have to lose in this men-are-the-enemy bs game? THERE IS AN IPHONE THAT FITS WOMEN’S HANDS WELL AND THERE WILL BE EVER MORE! Can men not have ONE freaking thing in the line of products that is more suited for them – and the REAL feminists who still say there isn’t a difference between the sexes?

    1. Rettogo, Since you don’t know the difference between an iPhone 8 and an Xs, I’m guessing you don’t know how big either of them is.

      It is simply not true that “THERE IS AN IPHONE THAT FITS WOMEN’S HANDS WELL AND THERE WILL BE EVER MORE!” The smallest phone that Apple currently sells, the iPhone 7, is too big for many users of both genders.

      The only phone Apple was selling that fit smaller hands was the iPhone SE which HAS been abandoned. It was not “feminized.” It was actually larger than the first five generations of iPhone intended for everybody, and the same size as the next two generations.

      Women have been complaining about the size of current iPhones since the iPhone 6 came out four years ago. So have many men with even average-sized hands (like me; I’m 5 ft. 10 and cannot use one while holding anything else in my hands). Some customers just stopped upgrading with the 5s (2013 technology). Others got an SE, which was the same size as a 5s but with the guts of a 2014 iPhone 6.

      The iPhone 8 is the same size as the 6 and 7–too big for many of us, including but not limited to many women. The iPhone X has been discontinued. The iPhone Xs has a bigger screen than the 7 and all the other available models (the 7 Plus, 8 Plus, Xr, and Xs Max) are bigger yet.

      So, no, there isn’t a smaller iPhone. Men with big hands don’t have just “have ONE freaking thing in the line of products that is more suited for them.” ALL the products are more suited for them.

      I don’t know a single feminist who does not recognize that women are smaller and weaker, on average, than men. That’s exactly why they think women need legal protection. It they had the same strength, they could just pummel the sexist swine until they started treating women as well as they treat men.

            1. That’s probably right. But I think at the time the trend was larger displays so the SE was a sort of ‘return’ to smaller displays relatively speaking. Apple could release a display slightly larger than the SE but with the same width and it’ll still count as a ‘return’ in my book since the recent phones are so much larger.

            2. Well, whether it was a “return” or continuation, same difference. What I do know, Apple has been offering more years of small form factor phones, than not. Now, it is all about the money and NOT the customers …

      1. No, they are too wide for a man with large hands (XL gloves fit me like a glove) to use without putting down his briefcase so both hands are free. The thumb doesn’t reach the upper-left corner of the screen.

        Watch people using the iPhone nowadays. Most of them (except people settled for the non-premium featured SE because it was the only normal size phone) use both hands. Not really because they decided that’s what they preferred but because when the iPhones got bigger they had to start using both hands and just got used to it. They got used to putting things down to use their phones. Some of us tried for months getting used to it and never could, so we traded in our 6s for SEs. Not because SEs are cheaper but because they are easier to use and don’t require you to hire a servant to follow you around and carry your stuff.

        1. Oh, and before somebody points out the “swipe right from left edge” gesture, I know I can use it instead of the articles button. Holding my 6s firmly while reaching that far left and swiping far enough right strains my thumb to the point that it starts to hurt. A UI that causes a repetitive stress injury isn’t a solution to the problem.

      2. I stand corrected. I’d like to see some of the people calling us sissies use the MDN app on a post-2015 one-handed. Note the position of the “> Articles” link in the extreme upper left corner.

  4. I never consider using a phone with one hand. It’s a two-hand machine—for me. Nothing wrong with that to me. It’s just the way things are today. My hands aren’t big. Keyboard entry gets harder as phone size shrinks.

    For those who don’t want to use two hands, there is both Siri (which, admittedly, I don’t find efficient but hope it’s getting better) or the Apple Watch. Neither may be as good as a little phone for some but the iPhone seems to have long ago left the realm if a simple phone to approaching a handheld computer. Not quite there, but closer every year.

    Perhaps people who hate the size should consider non-iPhone, old fashioned tiny phone-only phones AND carry an iPhone for everything else. The little phone fits almost anywhere. But an approaching hand-held computer and portable television screen requires something bigger.

    My small hands ordered the XsMax and will be happy with it. I do sympathize with the argument for a small-hand phone, but suggest rethinking options in the current “phone” world.

    1. It doesn’t require something bigger. Apple demonstrated long ago they are able to miniaturize. The reason the tablet-size phone fad started is because Samsung and Apple’s other competitors were unable to make a phone that had the iPhone’s features at an affordable price without making it bigger.

      1. Well said.

        “It doesn’t require something bigger. Apple demonstrated long ago they are able to miniaturize.”

        The first iPhone was the smallest of them all. If I remember correctly it was 3.5 inches.

        Steve praised it as the perfect size in the hand.

        Mr. Cook you worked for Steve back then in 2007. What happened? Profits…

    2. If the components for an iPhone 6s fit in the SE case, why wouldn’t the guts of an iPhone 8? Sure, there would be some heat dissipation and battery life issues, but Apple managed those in the past.

  5. Anecdotally, the only people I know with the large phones such as the 6/7-Plus are women… I always assumed that is because they don’t mind carrying it around in a purse instead of their front pocket like I would.

  6. Design your own phone, stop relying on men, just like invent your own sports, stop playing sports invented by men,

    I mean, don’t let men hold you back. Go do it! Impress me.

    The same women who handle everything with inch long fingernails.

    Usually they’re glowing when things are too big to fit their hands.

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