Whither Apple’s mythical AirPower charging pad?

“Apple’s ‘Gather Round’ iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 event was tough if you were looking forward to Apple’s AirPower charging pad,” Mike Wuerthele writes for AppleInsider. “In 2017, at Apple’s iPhone X event, Apple teased it, promised it for 2018, and even showed us how it worked in the hands-on demonstration area after the reveal event.”

“But, Apple seems to have wiped it from existence online, and didn’t say a thing about it onstage. Attempts by AppleInsider, and others, to get comment on the matter have been not just rebuffed, but outright refused,” Wuerthele writes. “So, clearly, there’s something wrong, somewhere.”

“At present, the most common Qi implementation allows for one device to be charged by one base station. Multiple devices are allowed on one charging plate, as evidenced by a slew of copycats that have popped up since the announcement of the AirPower. There is no specific order for devices on the AirPower, like there are on some of those copycats,” Wuerthele writes. “This is implicitly allowed by the Qi standard, and the standard spells out how to do it in theory. It just appears that nobody else has done it the way that Apple is trying to do, just yet.”

“There are many charging pads at this point with multiple physical coils,” Wuerthele writes. “However, Apple appears to be going in a different direction.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple invited (and deserves) a ton of scorn and ridicule by trotting this out way too soon (obviously) and then utterly failing to deliver.

Other long product delays have happened in the past (white iPhone 4, for one example) albeit to an Apple that was much smaller and far less rich.

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  1. Oh, I imagine they’re hoping that not commenting on it at this time will prevent it from being the story when they want maximum attention on the oversized/overpriced phones.

    Product delay announcements can come later.

  2. I think it basically got designed out of existence.
    The AirPower makes little sense. Only watch straps that open fully out will work. Wireless phone charging is better with a stand so you don’t have to pick up to see notifications.

    1. You realize that a wireless charging pad (an idea first conceived by Nikola Tesla in the 1890s) would be useful for all electronic devices, not just watches. Given the death of the headphone jack, a charging pad would be a simple way to overcome the “can’t listen and charge simultaneously” conundrum.

  3. Well, it’ll serve them right if there are only a small number of purchasers after it is finally released for me personally I have no need for it I’ve already bought my wireless charging pads so to waste $150 on Apples really isn’t relevant anymore

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