Parsing Apple’s ‘Gather Round’ special event invitation

“In case you missed it, Apple has sent out its annual iPhone event invitation, and as predicted by just about everyone, it’s set to take place on September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater at the new Apple Park campus,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld

“But while the date isn’t so interesting, the rest of the invitation is. Set against a black background, it features a gold circle with the phrase ‘Gather round’ — as in ‘Gather ‘round y’all, we got some some new iPhones to show ya!'” Simon writes. “But aside from that more literal meaning, Apple could be referring to any number of things with its crypto-vite.”

“Apple could be dropping a hint that it’s also launching a circular watch this year,” Simon writes. “In gold, of course.”

MacDailyNews Take: Nope. (See Take below)

“This event will serve two purposes: announcing all the new stuff and saying goodbye to the Home button once and for all,” Simon writes. “Rumor has it that the iPhone X design is expanding to the rest of the iPhone lineup as well as the iPads, meaning there won’t be any new Apple products that use the iconic button for navigation. It would be a very Apple thing to give the home button a proper goodbye.”

Apple to hold 'Gather Round' special media event on September 12th

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MacDailyNews Take: Goodbye and good riddance, Home button! iOS is a fluid masterpiece without you.

As for the invitation:
Apple Park

As for round Apple Watches:

Round is wrong.MacDailyNews, September 9, 2015

Apple Watch Series 4 revealed; massive edge-to-edge display, dense watch face, and more – August 30, 2018

Square displays allow you to do round watch faces, but round watches do not accommodate rectangles or data that’s best presented in rectangles very well.MacDailyNews, March 12, 2018

As if the very first question Apple asked themselves in designing the Apple Watch wasn’t “should it be round or square?” No, Apple just chose square without any consideration at all in a reckless act of industrial design neglect. Because this is how Apple works, they never carefully consider anything during the design of their products. Jony Ive just assigns new category products to the newest intern and that’s how it all gets done at Apple Inc.

“It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” — Steve Jobs

The majority of consumers today think they want a round-faced smartwatch because the majority of wristwatches through history have been round since basically all they have done/continue to do is to tell time and, ta-da, most clocks are round. Obviously, Apple Watch is much more that just a clock. Consumers thought they needed a beard of plastic keys on their phones and floppy drives in their computers, too. Because that’s all they knew. And then, somehow, they learned to Think Different™.

Just because “this is the way it’s always been done,” doesn’t make continuing to do so valid.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” — Henry Ford

And, of course, Apple is renowned for bowing to consumer pressure to rush ill-considered designs to market. Happens all the time. That’s why Apple had large screen iPhones on the market so early instead of at least two years late (they didn’t release larger phones until they could do them right). And why they released that Apple netbook. And why they make $49 feature phones for third world countries in an empty quest for market share, too.

“Android watch makers [still have to] figure out they need to make square displays (lists are square, not round, and lists dominate smartwatch uses)…”MacDailyNews, August 14, 2015

If Apple ever does release a round Apple Watch, it will be because they thought of something new that required it to be round, not because of consumers’ ingrained behaviors, misperceptions, or pressure.MacDailyNews, September 27, 2015

It’s official: Apple to hold ‘Gather Round’ special media event on September 12th – August 30, 2018


    1. Like in Bob Dylan’s song, one of Steve Jobs favorite, “The Times They Are A-Changin”, it starts with “Come gather ’round people”. It’s a reference to Apple campus and Jobs vision. 😉

  1. “as in ‘Gather ‘round y’all, we got some some new iPhones to show ya!’”

    I’m sure Apple employees have a deep disdain for this type of slang, the people who speak it, the geographical area where it is spoken, and the history and culture of those who speak it.

  2. That is the new digital crown on the invitation. It doesn’t turn though. Just think of the iPod click wheel back in the day. Same sort of technology (surely supercharged though).

  3. As an owner if an iPhone X, I can confidently attest that you will miss the home button when it’s gone. Having to reach awkwardly for the side awaken button or dealing with the touch screen to awaken option will make you mad. Never had I had to deal with so many bogus app launches and pocket dials. If someone has an answer to this, please enlighten me.

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