Apple Watch Series 4 is going to take the wearable mainstream

“In my last Apple Watch Diary piece, I said that there were two things which might sell me on the idea of upgrading from my Series 3 to the upcoming Series 4,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “One was a more responsive Siri, but the bigger one was more data on the screen.”

“As we yesterday exclusively revealed, we will indeed be seeing additional complications,” Lovejoy writes. “The new watch face Guilherme found shows a total of nine complications visible alongside the time. This is up from the maximum of five supported by the most dense existing watch face, the Modular one. This is a single marketing image, so it even leaves open the possibility of other new faces that can display even more complications.”

“My Series 3 watch is already feeling a little cramped – and I’m sure I’m not alone,” Lovejoy writes. “The S4 is going to be significantly more appealing to mass-market buyers. Apple has cleverly incorporated a more traditional circular look into a rectangular watch face, offering the best of both worlds. The larger display gives it more pop, and when you can see more information at a glance, it’s more obvious to a casual observer why they might want a smartwatch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, as we just wrote earlier today, we cannot wait to add more complications to our Watch faces sine we always have at least two more that we’d like to display that we cannot fit currently.

Apple Watch is already “sort of mainstream” as we’re now seeing it on the wrists of non-early adopters and getting questions about it from moms, dads, in-laws, etc., but Series 4 will see the spread of Apple Watch truly far and wide!

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  1. “Apple has cleverly incorporated a more traditional circular look into a rectangular watch face, offering the best of both worlds”

    This probably plays right into the Sept 12 event theme, “Gather round”.

    1. yeah I get the need for the rectangular screen, but at the same time a watch is (to may people and situations) a piece of jewelry as much if not more than a piece of technology.

      With that, I don’t understand why Apple couldn’t make a HUGE round watch like every other watch maker from Fossil, Timex all the way up to Bulova, Weiss and beyond. A rectangular screen area could still be used inside the round for those apps that require it and the round area could be used for the watch function among other things.

      It’s not that I think the rectangular face is bad, but it will never have the beauty and elegance of a round bezel. If Apple decides to offer this in a boutique model I would expect to see way more Apple watches at “higher end” functions. Until then it is something that looks nice for daytime and casual night settings.

  2. I think it’s doubtful that a $400 wrist-remote accessory for a phone will ever be “mainstream.”

    Until they bring the price down to reflect its use cases (iPhone remote control & proxy), it will remain an overpriced (in my opinion) luxury item.

    1. You must be very poor and/or not inspired by tech. Therefore, you do not understand. Apple has discerned what the economically capable people of the developed countries of the world are willing to pay. The Apple watch is already the number 1 revenue generating timepiece in the world. You can’t get more “mainstream” than that.

    2. Fred Flintstone’s wristwatch would have been mainstream in the stone age.. a miniature sundial.. cheap enough for anyone to own. But, if you missed an appointment, it was usually because “you were holding it wrong.”

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