7 reasons why Apple’s nearly-year-old iPhone X beats Samsung’s Note 9

“The benchmarks are in, and unsurprisingly, the Note 9 isn’t as fast as Apple’s flagship. The iPhone X’s A11 Bionic chip is simply more powerful than the Snapdragon 845 processor inside Samsung’s phone,” Mark Spoonauer reports for Tom’s Guide. “On Geekbench 4, which measures overall performance, the iPhone X scored 10,357, compared with 8,876 for the Note 9.”

“Apple keeps things simple with its easy-to-use Face ID,” Spoonauer reports. “The True Depth camera on the front of the iPhone X recognizes you instantly, and all you have to do to log in is stare at the phone and swipe up on the screen. The face scanning on the Note 9 isn’t as secure because it’s not 3D.”

“The iPhone X’s gesture-based interface makes it easy to get around iOS,” Spoonauer reports. “For example, you don’t have to tap to make the home button appear when you’re watching a movie; you just swipe up to go back to the home screen. Nor do you need to press a Recent Apps button to see your open apps; just swipe up from the bottom of the display.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Android-based iPhone knockoffs continue to be dog-slow and it’ll only get worse in a month with the advent of Apple’s A12.

The 6.5-inch “iPhone Plus” (or Pro) is going to kill Samsung Galaxy Note 9 sales.

As for iOS gestures: They’re the very best thing about iPhone X (and that’s saying a lot)!

The Home button is an anachronism. The Home button is a flow-interrupter. It adds unnecessary and unwanted staccato to iOS operation. We can’t want to dump it from our iPads. To return home or call up recent apps, nothing is easier than flicking up or flicking up and holding for a moment, respectively.

The only people who like Home buttons are those who haven’t used an iPhone X for more than 5 minutes. — MacDailyNews, July 7, 2018

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    1. This comment only makes the faintest bit of sense if you are hooking up your Note 9 through a digital interface to a true audio system that is designed for Dolby Atmos and actually supports Dolby Atmos capabilities. Any other mode of listening to audio negates any of the positive effects of Dolby Atmos. Most audio systems don’t support it and the analog output of the Note 9 don’t support it. Further, while I have not dug into this, the digital output of the Note 9 may not support a true Dolby Atmos output either.

      For the *vast majority* of smart phone users Dolby Atmos on a smart phone is just checking the buzzword check box.

      1. “For the *vast majority* of smart phone users Dolby Atmos on a smart phone is just checking the buzzword check box.”

        But checking ‘buzzword’ boxes is all they have. What Android users ignore is how those buzzwords (on an iPhone) work together to create a sum that is greater than the total of its parts.

        You can see this in Samsung’s iPhone bashing commercials. They just don’t get it.

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