Fortnite earns $100 million in its first 90 days on Apple’s iOS platform

“Having brought in more than $25 million during its first month on mobile, Fortnite increased its revenue generating momentum to surpass $50 million by its 45 day mark,” Randy Nelson reports for SensorTower. “Now, three months since its March 15 launch, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data reveals that the game — which debuted on Nintendo’s Switch console last week — has reached $100 million in worldwide player spending on Apple’s mobile platform.”

“In reaching this milestone, Epic Games has managed to surpass some of most successful multiplayer mobile titles of the past two years, despite the fact that Fortnite initially launched in invite-only form for two of the 12 weeks it has been available,” Nelson reports. “It earned more than 3x as much as Tencent’s massively successful Honor of Kings — known as Arena of Valor in Western markets — did in China during its first 90 days on iOS, despite not being available there itself. (It will be launching in China at an undetermined future date courtesy of none other than Tencent.)”

“The mobile version of Fortnite has also earned 335 percent, or about 4.3x more than its closest revenue rival among the new breed of battle royale titles on mobile, Knives Out from NetEase. What’s more, it managed to earn approximately 65 percent as much as Supercell’s Clash Royale did in its first 90 days, a title that had the most successful launch in mobile gaming history next to Niantic’s Pokémon GO in terms of revenue,” Nelson reports. “It took Fortnite’s mobile players 90 days to spend $100 million in the game. We looked at how this compared to its rivals above. Among them, Clash Royale managed the fastest time from launch to the $100 million milestone on iOS, accomplishing the feat in just 51 days. Fortnite, however, reached this point nearly three months faster than Knives Out and Honor of Kings, at 173 and 179 days, respectively.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Fortnite is yet another strong reminder that if it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

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  1. 70 percent of $143 million is about $100 million, so Apple’s piece is $43 million. In 90 days.

    I wonder what the list of products that did better vs did worse over the last 90 days would look like.

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