CNET is now on Apple TV

“We get it, sometimes you just want to watch CNET test Elon Musk’s flamethrowers without firing up your computer,” Alex Weingart reports for CNET. “Now you can, because we’ve launched CNET on Apple TV!”

“When you launch the app, you’ll immediately get a wrap up of all the top stories in tech right away,” Weingart reports. “And if you want more, just continue watching — our expert editors have handpicked the most important videos of the day, for you.”

“Apple fan?” Weingart reports. “We’ve got you covered there too – we’ve got all your favorite tech shows, as well as our signature First Look product review videos easily accessible in our Explore section. And if you’re looking for an older show or product, never fear — you can search our entire catalog of video.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The new CNET app is currently featured on the front page of the Apple TV App Store, so have at it.


  1. The desparate Cnet team trying to survive.

    Manager: “Guys! Being an anti-Apple doesn’t bring any money in! We have to change narrative…”
    Tech guys: “Why not create a trojan horse disguise as a app and offer it on AppleTV?”
    Manager: “Devilish…!”

    1. releases a new TV “appliance” that works very nicely with their other “assistant” devices and makes Apple’s TV remote look like a horse and plow system.
      In other news, Apple gets nerdy with CNET on the not-yet-cracked Apple TV.
      Is this really news to bring “excitement” or satisfaction? Maybe to CNET.

  2. Yeaaaaa…no we can watch ill informed, lack of knowledge & pro bent on Android / Windows ad sponsors “reviews” ( spam slam anti Apple infomercials) on my Apple TV. WHY????

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