5 things Apple has to do to win with Macs this fall

“While it wasn’t a surprise, the lack of any Mac hardware updates at last week’s Apple WWDC conference still disappointed potential MacBook, iMac and Mac Pro shoppers, many of whom have been waiting patiently for the company to release radically updated versions of some systems and correct long-standing problems with others,” Dan Ackerman writes for CNET.

MacDailyNews Take: WWDC is a software developers’ conference.

“Mac Pro fans had already girded themselves for a long wait: Apple had previously confirmed that the replacement for the infamous, aging trashcan Mac wouldn’t arrive until sometime in 2019. But the desire for replacements for the more mainstream Mac lines is even more acute,” Ackerman writes. “The MacBook and MacBook Pro family is suffering from a surge of keyboard issues owing to its seemingly fragile butterfly keyboard design.”

“There’s still just over 6 months left in 2018, and plenty of time for Mac updates and new products to appear. Last year’s WWDC hosted a wide range of computer updates, mostly to internal components, but a fall launch for new MacBooks or Mac desktops would easily make up for the lack of hardware at WWDC 2018,” Ackerman writes. “But a straight-up “specs bump” with new Intel chips won’t cut it: Apple needs to address some key issues with the Mac.”

5 things Apple has to do to win with Macs this fall
• Hit reset on super-flat MacBook keyboards
• Make the Touch Bar truly optional
• Take care of true Pro desktop users
• Give us the MacBook Air update we’ve been asking for
• Just one more port

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MacDailyNews Take: We very much like the idea of Apple giving a sneak peek at the next-gen Mac Pro, showing what’s inside it and how much it will cost so that pro Mac users can decide if they want to wait for the 2019 modular Mac Pro, go with the iMac Pro, or *gulp* leave the platform altogether.


  1. 6 Things Apple has to do:

    6. Update discontinue the Mac Mini.

    FFS, put the damn thing out of its misery if you arent going to update it Apple!

    1. Or time travel back 6-7 years and realize the trash can Mac Pro abomination was NEVER going to make it to begin with and simply & delightfully update the cheese grater to raucous pro user approval everywhere! (The hit to reputation and disgusted pros avoided altogether.)

    1. MacMini should have
      1. User replaceable 3.5″ HD/SSD–This is supposed to be the low-end of the Mac Desktop lineup, there is NO reason to use more expensive 2.5 inch HDs!
      2. User replaceable RAM
      3. SD slot,
      4. 2 USB 3 slots, 2 USB C slots.
      5. HDMI–4K

      The MacMini does not need to be as tiny or light as technologically possible. In fact, it does not need to be carved out of adamantium by sharks with frickin’ lasers. Price and user replaceable HDs, RAM, and power supply are MUCH more important.

      1. I think the new Apple tax is over-design, unnecessary miniaturization and user denied upgradeability. They better be noticing that people are seriously noticing these clueless self-inflicted issues and are making choices accordingly. Choices that don’t necessarily help to line Apple’s wallet.

  2. Update the Mac mini and offer BTO Quad Core CPUs and Discrete GPUs. Also return the access for memory expansion underneath.

    Ship a workstation- I do not care what you call it. I get the distinct impression the modular Mac Pro will be another styling exercise that puts form over function along with a ridiculous price.

    1. I agree. The irrational animus against the MacMini in comments I presume generally comes from trolls, and certainly not from anyone who uses a MacMini.
      A MacMini is basically a laptop without a screen, so there is no reason for it not to continue. It should also be, to some extent modular, SSD & RAM, as it was up to 2012, but incorporating necessary more recent developments. Thus, it is the perfect entry level Mac incorporating elements of laptop and desktop.

      1. No desktop computer should be dumbed down into using low-power laptop hardware. When the computer is plugged into the wall 24/7, it can have top quality component options. That means full size 3.5 inch drives, latest RAM, full size motherboard, etc. Performance first, thin styling last.

  3. Nothing Apple will offer in terms of new computers will satisfy the tech critics or Wall Street. Apple just can’t win without some game-changing computer, whatever that may be.

    1. But game-changing computers are Apple’s history. Today, however, the “game” is Apple making machines you can’t upgrade while Apple itself lets them die on the vine.

      Still selling sealed units with 5400 rpm drives.

      1. I think you’re right. There are certain things Apple just doesn’t seem to want to do. Game-changing computers is just not something that’s important to Apple (as seen by their inaction).

  4. From the article…
    “That way, pro users can decide if they want to wait for the 2019 modular Mac Pro, or go with the iMac Pro, which is available now.”

    So… a Pro… that has already decided an iMac Pro doesn’t cut it… the author expects that the Pro will determine that the Mac Pro doesn’t cut it and buy the iMac Pro anyway? After already deciding against it?

    No, I think it’s more realistic that if a Pro’s needs are beyond an iMac Pro AND the Mac Pro, they will just be done with Apple.

    1. Surpringly correct “ wrong again’

      And once that first step is taken and the ecosys link is broken.. Migration away to other device and services will soon follow.

      Freedom will start to prevail
      .. sure at a cost.. but it will be freedom from Walled Prison Gardens of Apple..and Apple’s broken value Tax

      Getting closer by the day

      Hey there Tim and ‘$25mil a year bonus’ managers:
      Wake up and smell the F-ing coffee …

      What Apple is not … no more!

        1. Not surprising at all. The Watch has been instrumental in getting me to be more active. Anything incompatible with it would be a hard sell, seeing as how my health is important to me 🙂

  5. Tim Cook : bean counter, terrified of Jony Ive

    He’ll only change the butterfly keyboard if warranty repairs cost too much (bean counting) overcoming his fear of Jony Ive.

    Everything to do with Mac from the ignoring niche Mac Pros, the weird Pro’s cylinder design to sealed RAM is due to Bean Counting and fear of Jony Ive. Sealed RAM (even in a DESKTOP like the Mini has non upgradable RAM where space is not crucial) makes Apple more money from selling RAM, tiny jewel like design is Ive’s fashionista bent.

    Neglecting Macs and focusing on iPads (even if they make less initial revenues) is a bean counting strategy as larger iPad unit sales results in big services revenues from the iOS app store. Mac users can buy software from third party stores. Services revenues is a big, BIG Wallstreet Bean Counting concern today…

    (I hate it — typing this on an upgraded Cheese Grater Mac Pro — but maybe they’re right? Bean counting and Jony Ive has made Apple a lot of money…. )

  6. 6. user-upgradeable Mac Mini with multiple internal drive slots
    7. more stable macOS with APFS ready for prime time
    8. give back user control of macOS — user should be able to remove unwanted drivers and APIs from Facebook, Twitter, Google; etc.
    9. Mac Server – OS and hardware announcement
    10. Mac displays in 3 sizes with integrated Facetime and BOTH TouchID/FaceID
    11. All new Airport family including NAS
    12. 17″ MacBook Pro with dual batteries and dual drive slots
    13. Bring back Aperture as professional software for purchase, no subscriptions
    14. Split iTunes into ~6 different applications.
    15. Support ALL optical disc formats via external drives
    16. Provide enhanced ability for iOS devices to seamlessly act as Mac remotes and inputs
    17. allow secure admin mode that is actually secure
    18. reduce prices to regain foothold in marketplace
    19. Colors please.
    20. free adapters with each Mac purchase
    21. Update iWork and/or make a proper Pro version with complete feature set.
    22. more user-upgradeable RAM options.
    23. banish 5400rpm disc drives to the dust bin of history
    24. everything 4K or better resolution, settle on 16:10 screen ratio for ALL devices. That allows a thin section of screen for ALWAYS ON toolbars or alternatively, ugly black notches that don’t cover up screen content.
    25. Public promise to never allow a Mac product to go more than 2 years without a hardware update or price adjustment.

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