WWDC 2018 Aftermath: The year of FINALLY!

Rene Ritchie writes for iMore, “It was one of those years where it felt like Apple worked its way down my wishlist, crossing things off one after the other.”

• Better third-party Siri integration. Finally.
• CarPlay with Google Maps and Waze. Finally.
• Grouped Notifications. Finally.
• App limits for kids. Finally.
• Group FaceTime. Finally.
• Activity Challenges. Finally
• WebKit views on Watch. Finally.
• Podcast app and background audio for Watch. Finally.
• Dolby Atmos for Apple TV. Finally.
• Dark mode for Mac. Finally.
• Screen recording integrated with screenshots. Finally.
• News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home for Mac. Finally.
• Mac App Store redesign. Finally.

“It was the biggest finally fest since… I don’t know… iOS 4?” Ritchie writes. “But beyond the finally, there was a lot that I though was just fantastic.”

Tons more – even Memoji – in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Same here. Lots of “finally” utterances throughout Apple’s WWDC keynote.


  1. For some of us we’re finally fed up, though I must admit I’m more excited by Mojave than High Sierra. My “finally” moment will be whenever Apple deigns to update and make available a new Mac Pro, Mac Mini, etc..

    1. I fully agree. There’s nothing on that list that qualifies as a “Finally!” for me.

      Where’s the updated hardware? I know WWDC is a software developer’s conference, but at least they could have made allusions to new, state of the art hardware by saying that they are building in support for the newest standards that will need new hardware in the coming year. Apple’s up coming OSes could point the way. They could have disclosed they were going to fully and natively support both AMD and Nvidia video cards. THAT would have been a “FINALLY!”.

      Instead we get things like the ability to detect when someone stick out there tongue.

      1. In the very same post where you acknowledge it was a SOFTWARE developer’s conference, you’re complaining about a lack of new HARDWARE?!?!

        Do you people engage not engage the slightest bit of self-awareness before you type posts?

    2. We all know that it is overdue. But it doesn’t help having the kids in the back seat crying “Is is here yet?!” on every freaking forum.

      When it arrives, you will know. Until then, enjoy what you get or move on. The rest of us are finally fed up with you.

      1. The “crying” is not for your benefit or anyone else here. Hopefully Apple notes the disturbance in the Mac Force and the pressure holds fast. They screwed up in a very big way and they can take their continued lumps.

        That’s okay I’m fed up with the clueless here like you who think it’s all about them, and just as whiny & crybaby in their own way.

        Just move on please, the Mac Pro, Mac Mini, etc. whining & crying will continue unabated for Apple’s ears. There is no MDN requirement for you or anyone else here to read every post.

        1. Yes, I finally realised that excusing my boyfriend’s negligence wasn’t going to exonerate him, so I joined the chorus. Besides, I’d been seeing other men all along, so I wasn’t, like, totally distraught. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Steve Jobs is dead, and Tim Cook is a tepid replacement for him. I used to have a thing for Steve Ballmer, but the new Microsoft leadership is too wonky. Elon Musk is electrifying, but I’m not crazy about crashing and burning. Jeff Bezos may rule the world one day, and he already has most of my disposable income but he reminds me of Mike Myers somehow.. Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt were once bffs but somebody gossiped and I no longer trust any of ’em. Don’t even mention the Z man – GMAFB.

          It’s really tough, playing the field when the bright, talented, and well-hung innovators turn out to be weak. Not exactly losers, but hardly partners-for-life material. The parable of Narcissus applies.. when you notice he’s not staring into the limpid pools of your eyes, but into the reflection of his own, pick up your underwear and leave.

      1. You don’t live in California, so I suppose you can be forgiven for the Anglish Mohave. Not exactly wrong but still a pendejo formation. The Mojave Desert is awesome and you should consider adding it to your bucket list.

  2. We will have to see how the promises play out.

    (On a related subject: yesterday I worked with an author client who has a Macbook Pro; I now understand what people talk about when they say “dongle hell”. Unacceptable for someone who has multiple drives with many gigabytes of previous work, she is faced with a lot of expense just because somebody insists on making Macbooks look nice without all those nasty ports.)

      1. I believe she has ordered something like the drives you mention. It needed to be done in any case because she realized that trying to use Carbonite for backup was going to be a week long upload. Convinced her to do her backups onsite rather than any form of cloud. Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner which is what I use. I still have my negative opinion of Apple making thin devices as religious objects.

  3. My finally will be when you can clear all messages at once on Apple Watch. Still don’t have it. And still no syncing with iPad and iPhone. Annoying. Does Tim Cook even use messages on his Apple Watch? Steve would’ve got this right from day 1

  4. Give me a break. Sure, all those things are improvement, but jumping up and down and pulling out the pom poms just makes you an Apple brown noser. I prefer Apple products, but the company has slowed down too much under Tim Cook and is at risk of becoming a bore. No real innovations just playing it safe. Then again Tim Cook himself IS A BORE. He was good to keep the company stable after Steve Jobs passed for a couple of years, but should have been replaced with someone more imaginative. Apple can’t keep its market share just by detecting Parkinsons symptoms with the watch or releasing more gay watch bands or red iPhones, they need to really innovate again. Otherwise they will face shrinking market share. Putting out phony enthusiasm for incremental improvements doesn’t help the situation.

  5. My “finally” moment will be when Voiceover’s Braille screen input will become an actual, full keyboard with text-editing capabilities and integration into the rest of Apple’s text services: Quick-Type, predictions, shortcuts, spell checking, such like that. Apple, like Microsoft, says they care about accessibility, but Voiceover improvements have been slow and few, and none this year. So yeah, whatever Apple. Even though Microsoft right now is more talk than action, they’re starting to catch up in accessibility.


  6. Yes I know all that is software and it IS a software conference but Apple is a HARDWARE company. We need two things: 1) updated Macs and 2) a statement that Apple will support their Professional Customers with timely hardware updates.

    In my view, Apple needs to update the ALL their computers on a yearly basis with a spec bump and/or a price adjustment every six months. In addition, if they want to be THE BEST computer manufacturer in the world, they need to release a Mac with the fastest processor within 90 days of it’s release. I believe Apple is leaving 20 to 30 BILLION in revenue on the table every year by not doing this. We will use trucks for years. I’ll close with this, I know 20 billion isn’t a high percentage of Apple revenue, but the question is Does Apple want to support Pro Users and be the best computer manufacturer in the world or not? Seems lately, not. Apple prove me wrong.

  7. Didn’t FaceTime used to have group calls? Seems like I remember long ago being able to do a conference call on FT, then that capability disappearing.

    Also, what’s so great about dark mode? My Apple ][ had light text on a dark background, and the very first time I saw a Mac, I thought the Mits dark on light scheme was so much better. Except for image editing, I very much prefer dark on light.

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