WWDC scholarship winner builds machine learning model to recognize beer

“Every year Apple invites student developers to its Worldwide Developer Conference. This year there were 350 scholarship winners in attendance,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “This afternoon I met up with Collin DeWaters of Fredericksburg, Virginia, who already has four titles in the App Store and put together a new 3D racing game for his Swift Playground application in three days. He’s 21.”

“Even by lofty WWDC scholarship winner standards, DeWaters seems extraordinarily diverse in his interests and his familiarity with Apple’s APIs,” Dilger reports. “He created a social network for music and won a scholarship to attend [WWDC] in 2016. The next year, he worked with SpriteKit and GamePlay Kit to build the retro 2D game Bit Hockey, which he submitted as a Swift Playground and was again invited to WWDC. This year, he applied with his latest project, a 3D racing game–with the intent of adapting it to work with ARKit.”

“He somehow found time to work with Apple’s newly released Create ML to build a machine learning model,” Dilger reports. “Yesterday (!) while at AltConf (a meeting held around the corner from WWDC) he whipped up a machine learning model to recognize drinks, and tell if a photo or camera image was water, wine, beer or some other drink.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d offer him an internship – he’d be perfect – but he’s way overqualified (no offense to our current crop interns who are all beloved and crackerjack tappers).

Cheers, Collin! Keep up the great work!

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