Apple’s announcement of new campus location said to be imminent

“Amazon is still considering the Triangle for its huge HQ2 project, and downtown Raleigh is where the ecommerce giant is most likely to build what would be a massive complex if North Carolina’s capital is the winner, according to sources,” Rick Smith reports for WRAL TechWire. “Several of the same sources also note that an announcement of Apple’s selection for a new campus is ‘imminent.'”

“Winning the Apple project does not preclude the Triangle from being selected by Amazon, sources say,” Smith reports.

“A source said that a meeting between N.C. officials and Apple ‘went much better than anyone expected,'” Smith reports. “The Triangle and North Carolina are likely candidates for an Apple expansion plan that would involve a new office complex in and around the southern portion of Research Triangle Park with an initial operation being established in Cary, sources have told WRAL and WRAL TechWire.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good luck, North Carolina!

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  1. Like all moocher states like North Carolina, it will likely experience a net loss of income with which it finances the state’s infrastructure and services which means that it will have pressure to raise individual income tax and products tax, thus making individuals poorer.

    1. Yes, yes. But isn’t that how American business works. Always always beggars. American business has taught the world well, use someone else’s money. Government money is the best, one stop begging, and why not. They can always claim they are helping the local economy, creating jobs and all that. North Carolina should remember Dell, but they won’t. Oh well. It’s like these multimillionaires and billionaires wanting and having stadiums built for them, using local tax money, so they can make money and the local governments get the crumbs from the venture. A few construction jobs for a short period, concessions, few restaurants making a few dollars, etc. but the meat and potatoes goes to team owner. What’s funny is he or she will tell you they are due that and much much more or they will move hide team.
      It would be nice to hear that a business bought land and built it’s facility without demanding a local tribute, and without receiving one.

      100 billion in stock buy back, what a waste. Let them spend it in the communities where they want to build, without demanding the usual gifts and tributes.

      1. So your solution in a Capitalist society is to do nothing.

        Don’t encourage, or compete, to get anyone’s business at any level.

        Companies should just produce whatever they make and not try to do better than the next guy.

        So if a state wants to compete to get a companies business, they shouldn’t either? All because, someone wrote a bad deal and got burned, they should never try again to get more economic growth for their citizens, even though they have done other deals since then that have paid off economically.

        You must live near where the Dell fiasco occurred and have emotional attachment to what happened?

  2. Since cook is such close buddies with trumpy, and they both want to make America as great as it was in 1870, then the obvious choice for the new site is in West Virginia. All the coal workers are ready to get coding right now. Ive will have infinite amounts of new thin alooooominium coming out of 100% Merican mills powered by 100% non renewable carbon. Plus the mountaintop removal mines and arsenide filled rivers have help push down land values. Don’t worry, once the white house rewrites NAFTA, there will be no trade and no way to cross a border, but trumpy will send all the bills to Mexico.

    If I was Cook, the next Apple tech campus would be in Canada or western Europe created by refurbishment of a building that already exists.

    1. If they got rid of all their campuses, they could eliminate all their employees. I’m sure that would speed the pace of product introductions immeasurably. /s

      Seriously, you can’t complain that Apple isn’t devoting enough attention to its products while also complaining that they are hiring people to do the additional work, and building, buying, or renting space to house them. These gadgets don’t emerge full-grown from Tim Cook’s forehead like Athena!

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