Apple’s decision could lead to another Research Triangle Park evolution

Apple’s “new, $5 billion headquarters in California sprawls across 175 acres in suburban Cupertino, creating a self-contained campus within a circle-shaped building,” Ben Graham writes for the Triangle Business Journal. “Apple’s model could fit well into the suburban layout of Research Triangle Park, where the company is narrowing its search for a new office campus that would generate thousands of jobs, according to sources.”

“The Triangle’s namesake office campus was created more than a half-century ago as a trend-setting research location aimed at luring companies to central North Carolina,” Graham writes. “But RTP’s big break occurred in 1965, when the park still wasn’t much more than lines on a map and acres of pine trees. That’s when IBM announced its would build a 600,000-square-foot research facility in the heart of the park, kicking off decades of development that spurred growth throughout the Triangle and helped draw tech talent to the region. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook spent time as a young man working for IBM in RTP.”

“Apple wouldn’t necessarily be breaking any molds for the Triangle, including with its typically suburban office campus preferences. It would be more of an affirmation of where the region is already headed, and a significant shot in the arm, [Jessica Brock, managing director at Longfellow Real Estate Partners] says,” Graham writes. “‘Apple’s brand would add momentum to our region’s evolution as a cutting edge, 21st-century metro,’ she says. Still, the research park model hasn’t necessarily aged well. Planners and executives at the Research Triangle Foundation, the nonprofit that manages the park, have talked about the need to urbanize the park for years. Former RTF CEO Bob Geolas liked to drive the point home by quipping that the park still lacks a Starbucks.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good luck, NC!

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    1. Than and the phytoplankton and other chloroplastic life in the ocean, the place we’re blatantly and progressively destroying with our moronic abuse of carbon fuels. That place we easily forget, despite the oceans covering 71% of miracle planet Earth, our only home.

  1. The “Research Triangle Park” isn’t actually a park, unless someone has lost track of its original definition. It’s a huge area of three fairly distant cities in NC where it takes considerable time to drive between the cities. The term ‘Park’ is a bizarre euphemism in this case.

    That said, the area is mostly lovely with a lot of smart people in it (as opposed to most of the rest of ignorance-is-bliss state. I used to live there). It’s an oasis of human intelligence (in a desert of bigotry and hillbilly attitudes).

    If Apple set up shop there, it would be a trial of tolerance from both sides, not something I’d enjoy. It’s anathema to creativity IMHO. But good luck!

      1. HaHaHa! You don’t know bigotry. Men in white sheets intimidating ‘not-like-us’ people is bigotry. Illegal to be gay/lesbian in NC = bigotry. Willfully ignoring the humanity of the target of one’s bigotry is ignorance, obviously. Not bothering to have a conversation about my comments but instead pulling out your HATE gun is willful ignorance.

        I know you don’t care. But I do enjoy pointing these things to those who do.

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