Apple’s ‘Barbers’ iPhone commercial wins top honors at the ADC Awards

“Apple and production house Furlined were among the big winners at the ADC 97th Annual Awards, held last night at New York’s One Club for Creativity Patrick Coffee reports for Adweek.

“The tech giant’s ‘Barbers’ spot for the iPhone 7 Plus from last May won the ADC Black Cube for Best of Show, with Furlined also winning Production Company of the Year,” Coffee reports. “ADC’s new tiered price system, designed to allow for more small and mid-sized shops to enter their work, led to a wide range of honors for agencies and studios hailing from 34 countries around the world. Sweden’s Åkestam Holst, Adweek’s 2017 International Agency of the Year, scored the ADC Boutique Agency of the Year designation, while jurors awarded both top network and Advertising Agency of the Year honors to the far larger BBDO.”


Coffee reports, “On the media side, The New York Times Magazine was the big winner for its ‘Why Can’t Democrats Turn the Page’ cover story, while the Wired Magazine feature ‘Fantastic Rum Accelerator’ and Kevin Cantrell won for typography.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bokeh sells.

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  1. I ordinarily loathe and bypass commercials at all cost, but that barber commercial is one I actually would rewind and watch. The ending with the boy dancing should have been longer.

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