All the factors that made Apple pop higher on earnings

“In this segment of the MarketFoolery podcast, host Mac Greer is joined by Motley Fool analysts Andy Cross and Aaron Bush to dissect the latest results and news from the world’s biggest tech company. Among the highlights: It sold 52.2 million iPhones, is buying back another $100 billion in stock, and is raising its dividend,” The Motley Fool writes. “The guys talk about the earnings numbers, the sales trends around the iPhone, and what the company expects will drive its growth.”

Andy Cross: That iPhone number, Mac, it was slightly less than what analysts had been expecting by like, I don’t know, 50,000 phones or something. It was almost ridiculous to think about how much they may have missed. The numbers that they put up this quarter are staggering. Sales up 16%, earnings per share up 30%. Their Service revenues were up 31% and now make up 15% of the total, so, $9.2 billion, that’s the Services. Wearable revenues were up 50% as well. Even those iPhone sales, the numbers you mentioned, Mac, iPhone sales for the first half of year were $100 billion, and that was up 14%. And their average order, because of the iPhone X, went to $728 from $655.

Video and full transcript here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Q218 numbers opened a lot of eyes. Warren Buffett’s huge stamp of approval didn’t hurt, either.


  1. And yet the effing anal-ysts will still continue to downplay and trash-talk Apple. It’s predictable… “Apple can’t ever do that well again, so it’s time to sell.”

    Morons and manipulators, almost to a person.

    1. I’m not so sure about that. Buffet is an intimidating force in the markets and analysts should beware betting against him. His money is where his mouth is or in most cases his money is his megaphone. They may still downplay Apple but it is a new day for Apple on the Street so I’m just not so sure they will go with their hatred as quickly now.

  2. Everyone at MDN had a pretty long Sh$t-List of complaints for Timmy before he posted earnings and all of those problems still exist. So in a GOOD WAY if Timmy fixes Mac issues, amongst other PRO issues, everyone knows the list, imagine how sales would be. So that’s an up side. Now’s the time for Apple to GO BIG. Go after Google Android, Amazon, PCs, Samsung, whoever. Big Sales Now.

  3. So it wasn’t the analysts being away on their retreat learning how to try to insult people’s intelligence in that futile attempt to distract from the issue. Learn something new everyday.

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