Amazon begins free delivery to your car

“Amazon’s latest perk… free delivery to your car,” Mae Anderson reports for The Associated Press. “The Seattle company on Tuesday began offering delivery in 37 cities to Amazon Prime members who own newer General Motors or Volvo vehicles.”

“The company will expand the number of locations as well as eligible vehicle makes and models going forward,” Anderson reports. “Last year, Amazon launched Amazon Key which lets those who with a Wi-Fi-connected lock to unlock their front doors so that packages could be left inside. Earlier this year, the company acquired Ring, which makes Wi-Fi-connected cameras and doorbells.”

“The in-car delivery service is available to members of Amazon Prime whose cars are parked in publicly accessible areas, such as on the street in front of an apartment building, at a workplace parking lot, or in a driveway,” Anderson reports. “Packages are placed in the vehicle’s trunk or out of plain sight. Deliveries are available right now to Prime members with 2015 year or newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicles with GM’s OnStar connected-car service, and those with a 2015 or newer Volvo vehicle with an active Volvo On Call account. Customers must download the Amazon Key app to which they can link a connected car.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, this is fairly limited to start with just 31 cities and only certain GM or Volvo vehicles, but, depending on where you live, such deliveries could be more secure than leaving a package sitting on your front porch.


  1. In the future when your at Lovers Peak with your future wife and about to do it, you tap your Amazon App and condom is delivered to you. Right in your car. Life is good! lol

    1. By then there’ll be an Amazon or Google device in your car to video the deed, too. As well as Gates-funded satellites with AI to video the car rockin’ and to analyze your heart rate, breathing, many aspects of your technique, as well as the length of your dick.

  2. Not overly impressive, your car has to be parked. Now being able to have a food order brought to your car while you are driving along the highway, that’s impressive.
    I call it the “drive to”.
    Won’t be invented for a while, but nice try Amazon.

    1. Amazon delivery by drone might be the way it goes if food delivery to moving vehicles becomes a reality. Not too much of a stretch with all the time Amazon has invested in it.

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