8 iPhone Qi wireless chargers tested. And the winner is…

“If you’re looking to get a Qi-charger for your iPhone or Android device, you’ve come to the right place” Aaron Ho writes for MobileReviews-Eh. “Weʼve been using a plethora of different Qi-charging pucks for months now in order to come up with our recommendation for the best Qi-charger for your smartphone!”

“In the past few months, we have used 8 iPhone Qi-Chargers,” Ho writes. “During those months of testing, thereʼs only one that weʼd actually recommend people on getting.”

“Our pick is the Anker Powerwave. We like it not because of the fast charge capability but because of the physical design,” Ho writes. “But Anker Powerwave is not actually the fastest Qi-charger despite our liking to it. Pictek Fast Wireless Charger is actually the fastest among the bunch… In the grand scheme of things, we’re not sure how saving is three minutes every 3-4 hour charge cycle is going to make a difference. But at least you can say your purchase was well spent on it since there is actually an approx. ~20 minute difference between the fastest and slowest Qi-charger.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We usually like the quality – in both design and build – of Anker products, but for a mere $15.99, that Pictek Fast Wireless Charger is certainly intriguing!


  1. I am not, nor will I ever be on the prowl for a wireless charger. I am not in the market for a curved TV. I don’t need square wheel wells on a pickup. And whoever that orange guy on my TV is, please, just stop.

  2. Bought a belkin charger before my phone was delivered. Put my phone on it (on nightstand) when I go to bed..pick it up in the morning. Fantastic this wireless charging is. Liberating. Never need additional charge throughout the day.

  3. The stand format works very well for me. I use it too on the nightstand. The good thing is that if you want to get the phone, its easy to find and pick it up. No wires to mess with and FaceID works in the dark.
    This would also work well on the office desk and the angle makes it easy to see new notifications without having to pick up the phone.
    My only pet peeves with wireless charges are the lights they have. At night time a bright led light and any light that pulses during charging can be annoying at night. For my charger I painted over the light with nail polish to reduce the light output.

    1. Great points, the upright charger design is a no-brainer for me. I have a cheap puck as a backup, but my mainstay is an off-brand standing charger. It sits on my desk and I can read notifications and use it, Face-ID and all, while it’s charging. I don’t keep a charger in my bedroom for the reason you mentioned, the led is annoying and I don’t need the phone next to me 24/7

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