Scientists uncover new battery chemical with 50 percent more storage capacity

“Scientists have found a way of using alternative metals in lithium-based batteries that might not only help relieve the issues associated with conflict materials, but also offer more storage capacity in future devices,” Lee Bell reports for V3.

“The research team, led by professors at the University of California, Berkeley, managed to build lithium cathodes with 50 per cent more storage capacity than conventional materials – potentially enabling batteries to be made that can last considerably longer between recharges than current battery technology,” Bell reports. “This could change how we use technology in the future as these batteries are used in phones, laptops, tablets and even some cars.”

“‘We’ve opened up a new chemical space for battery technology,’ said the University’s professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and senior author of the report, Gerbrand Ceder,” Bell reports. “‘To deal with the resource issue of cobalt, you have to do away from this layeredness in cathodes,’ Ceder added. ‘Disordering cathodes has allowed us to play with a lot more of the periodic table.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As with every new battery breakthrough, hope that it makes it to market springs eternal.

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  1. “potentially enabling batteries to be made that can last considerably longer ”

    There are a good dozen news articles on advances in battery technology over the last year.

    Actually “getting to better batteries” takes a lot of time to refine and then prove out in extensive lab and real world tests so consumers don’t wind up with ‘sparklers.’

    I will bet we are 3-5 years away from getting any significant improvement (like 50%) in storage/charging rate capacity.

    Time to move on to things I can do today.

  2. NASA TV today is pointing out the requirement of higher capacity and lighter batteries for the creation of electricity-based jet planes currently being designed.

    I could not be more happy that after a long, long period of battery tech stagnation, not only is the public yelling for the industry to move it’s bloody arse, but there are several new an promising electricity storage systems moving out of R&D into real life. About bloody time.

    Personally, I’m greatly enjoying my Kentli AAA and AA rechargeable Lithium batteries I have to buy from China. Why the frack aren’t they THE rechargeable battery tech in the USA? Could it be the archaic battery tech lobby? No doubt.

    [Yes, there are a few actually innovative (vs ripoff) companies in China, whom I champion.]

  3. This article is about scientific (rather than technological) progress in electrochemical batteries. The group talking to the media are very active and at the coal-face, so to speak. I liked this article title: “Disorder, Frustration, and Correlation in Polyborane Solid Electrolytes from First-principles Computations”. Frustration and batteries seem to go together

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