Apple Watch 4 could save you from a heart attack: Medical-grade tech planned for next-gen Apple Watch

“The Apple Watch Series 4 could save your life with medical-grade heart-rate tracking, turning the luxury fashion accessory into a serious medical device,” Spencer Hart reports for T3. “The updated smartwatch could identify abnormalities with your heart before they escalate into a more serious, potentially fatal, issue.”

Bloomberg reports you’ll need to squeeze the frame of the Apple Watch with two fingers on the hand that’s not wearing the device. The Apple Watch will pass an imperceptible current across your chest to track electrical signals in the heart, detecting any abnormalities like irregular heart rates,” Hart reports. “These could be signs that you’re at risk of having a stroke or heart failure.”

Hart reports, “Apple is reportedly testing the medical sensor, and haven’t made a final decision on whether to include the technology in the next generation Apple Watch.”

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch is already saving lives and will go to save untold more in conjunction with Apple’s HealthKit, ResearchKit, CareKit and other health initiatives.

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  1. Can’t wait! I’ve got a KardiaBand that I don’t wear because of a software bug (the watch app “hijacks” Apple’s Activity app causing the green Exercise ring to literally run in circles… all day). Waiting for AliveCor to update their app (otherwise I have no complaints about AliveCor). In the meantime, I’m using Kardia Mobile. Any improvements(s) from Apple and (or) other vendors will be welcomed by all!

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