Macworld reviews Final Cut Pro X 10.4: Innovative, elegant, and unusual

“The Mac-exclusive Final Cut Pro X is the very definition of a prosumer video editing program,” Samuel Axon writes for Macworld. “Descended from a much more expensive professional tool, it attempts to bridge the gap between consumers who want something powerful but easy and affordable, and professionals who can’t bear to lose a single piece of functionality. ”

“The result, surprisingly, is an innovative, elegant, and unusual video editing program that serves most people in both categories — as long as they have Macs,” Axon writes. “Apple offers a 30-day free trial, and the full package costs $299.99 from the Mac App Store.”

Final Cut Pro users can create immersive 360-degree films and view them in real time with a connected VR headset
Final Cut Pro users can create immersive 360-degree films and view them in real time with a connected VR headset

“This software’s limitations might cause high-end pros working in collaborative teams to shy away, but it likely won’t stop the new target audience of Final Cut Pro X from buying the software,” Axon writes. “With its one-time price, its stellar performance, easy-but-powerful interface, and assortment of workflow innovations, Final Cut is an excellent option for solo video creators, from YouTubers to event videographers to independent filmmakers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Final Cut Pro X 10.4 plus Apple’s all-new iMac Pro is the stuff of most any video editors’ wildest dreams!

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    1. “FCP X is long dead for the huge majority of pro editors.”
      More like the huge majority of pro editors that hold a grudge against Apple for not catering to their every whim will be long dead while Apple as a company and FCP X as a product will continue to flourish” 🙂

    2. Hey Ford, I give a damn! Seems the only thing that is dead is your career if you are not willing to learn new software and techniques. FCPX is ABSOLUTELY the most modern NLE on the market today. Being a pro editor for over 25yrs I have used every NLE and FCPX is simply AMAZING, especially for extremely large projects. I am currently cutting a documentary for Netflix on the shark problem in Reunion Island and I have over 10TB of footage ranging from 1080 to 8K (mostly 4K). It would be an absolute nightmare to edit this project in any other NLE.

        1. Sure every editor should know all those tool. I use them all frequently. But that doesn’t detract from the fact that FCPX is simply a much more modern NLE, built for modern media organization and editing. Just cause you can’t figure out how to use it doesn’t mean it’s not useful.

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