The best professional-level apps for iMac Pro users

“If you’ve just picked up a new iMac Pro, chances are you already have a suite of software you rely on for your work,” Serenity Caldwell writes for iMore. “But if you’re curious as to what else is out there for pro users, I’ve put together some of the best apps for pro work in various disciplines.”

“This isn’t every pro app on the market, nor is this list filled with apps from every discipline,” Caldwell writes. “But after surveying many of my pro friends, fellow Mobile Nations coworkers, and Twitter, I’d like to think it’s a good primer on some of the many excellent pro apps out there.”

Caldwell covers pro apps in the following categories:

• Video
• Audio
• Photo & Design
• Writing
• Development

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: One of the app covered is one we use everyday and love: Pixelmator Pro.

Pixelmator Pro updated with many improvements – December 11, 2017
Pixelmator Pro first impressions: Beautiful modern interface with advanced image editing tools – November 29, 2017
Pixelmator Pro now available on Apple’s Mac App Store for $59.99 – November 29, 2017


  1. Was at Apple Saddle Creek today. They had one iMac Pro sitting out on display- not in any kind of important place, not one banner or placard near it. It was just sitting there largely being ignored in a fairly full and busy store.

    BTW- Apple will not sell us the Space Gray Keyboard, Trackpad or Mouse, condemning us to the ugly white ones. Love my 1st Generation TrackPad but am not a fan of the ugly white top on the current model.

    Not cool. At the price Apple overcharges for the Trackpad we should be able to select the color we want.

    1. i’ve always held that Mac marketing today is really poor. Like where the Christmas ads, not even cheap web ads? and macs are Apple’s second largest hardware money maker making twice Airpods, Beats , Watch, TV etc combined. It’s almost as if some Apple execs are trying to ‘prove’ Macs are failing. No or poor marketing for years….

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