2017 is the year Apple killed the Home button – don’t worry, you won’t miss it

“The most convincing lie Steve Jobs ever told was ‘you already know how to use it,'” David Pierce writes for Wired. “That notion, of course, is false. Apple’s very good at teaching people to use products through ads, videos, even the setup process on their devices, but nobody’s born knowing how to use an iPhone. It never mattered, because Apple included one feature everyone did already know how to use: the home button.”

“The home button was the thing you pressed when you didn’t know what else to do. It let you feel free to explore, smashing and swiping on the screen, because if it all went haywire you could quickly undo it all and start over,” Pierce writes. “But in 2017, Apple did away with the home button.”

Apple's revolutionary iPhone X
Apple’s revolutionary iPhone X

Pierce writes, “Here’s the good news: After two months with the iPhone X, I don’t really miss the home button anymore.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It just works.

After a month plus with iPhone X, our iOS devices with Home buttons seem like antiques. — MacDailyNews, December 12, 2017

Will the Home button begin to go the way of the dodo on iPad, too? After a month with iPhone X, we certainly hope so!MacDailyNews, November 28, 2017

Apple’s iPhone X is the best iPhone yet because it gets out of your way; makes all other iPhones frustrating – December 23, 2017


      1. Except er didn’t get snake oil. we got the greatest product ever designed on the face of this earth, the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple itself.

        The snake oil is what you stink of. You are drenched in it.

      2. There is no “throttling” as you and whole load of Tech challenged imbeciles out there put it.

        Every battery operated product out there has battery management. My Tesla is managed in exactly the same way. If the temperature is cold or if I have low battery charge the car is limited to lower acceleration and speed. In your words this would be “throttling”. It is just plainly great battery management.

        This is the way products should be designed. Not the way you dopey nuts think it should be.

        1. That you think I’m tech challenged is ludicrous.

          First of all, you don’t know me, secondly Apple ADMITTED to throttling, and this is news to EVERYONE.

          The device, with age, perhaps prematurely, behaves slower than when it was purchased. Would you accept you Tesla achieving top speed of 150 mph when new, but only 120 mph 1.5 years in just so Elon Musk can cover for his batteries?

          Off with you…!

            1. I dont expect a complex piece of technology , making millions of adjustments/min to constantly tell me what it is doing..

              For example; limp mode… are u aware of it?
              Almost all cars now a days have it….. if a problem i detected. The cars computer immidiatly reduces the cars performance to protect against potential damage.
              The car never askes me if i want to activate that mode .. it just goes in that mode if it feels a potential problem. ….

              When your battery has issues… the software decides how manage it… simple as that. And in 10 years of using iphones I have not had any issues that warrant such fiasco..
              But ambulance chaisers are…. welll,……..doing what they do.

          1. I have hired and (sadly) fired many. In your case, judging by the nonsense coming out of your head I’d have no qualms firing your as.

            And NO, Apple did not admit to “throttling” -with the implied intention of “make you buy a new phone”.

            Apple “explained” how battery management works. No surprise to me or anyone with the slightest knowledge of technology that this is how it works, you name it, Tesla’s, MackBooks, phones…….anything with a BMS.

            Ambulance chasers like you want us to think it is some kind of a conspiracy to make you buy a new iphone. It isn’t. This is just how tech works!

            1. Comprehension is an issue with you. I did not say Apple had an implied intention. Oh, and I’m not an ambulance chaser either. Just a user.
              Meanwhile… “https://9to5mac.com/2017/12/23/apple-slows-older-iphones-more/“. The whole world knows, except you.
              Now to our personal matters. You couldn’t fire me because you wouildn’t Make it through the interview. “Imagine that! Me working for you!” -Five Man Electrical Band
              Back to momma dumbass!

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