“I know the iPhone X and future iPhones are going to be a success because it has completely changed the way I use an iPhone … for the better,” Todd Haselton writes for CNBC. “Sometimes, as a reviewer, I return to older devices — or in the case of the iPhone 8 simply a device that uses older technology — to understand how groundbreaking new developments are. And frankly, returning to the iPhone 8 is frustrating.”

“I’m used to swiping up from the home screen on the iPhone X to return to my main screen, for example, or double tapping a side button to bring up Apple Pay,” Haselton writes. “Hitting the home button on a traditional iPhone or double tapping it and trying to use my fingerprint for Apple Pay seems almost archaic.”

Apple's revolutionary iPhone X

Apple’s revolutionary iPhone X

“I’ve felt this about products before,” Haselton writes. “The original iPhone, for example, felt light-years ahead of the Samsung Blackjack with Windows Mobile I’d been using before it… It’s also how I felt about the Amazon Echo. Now, instead of pulling out my phone and trying to pair it with a Bluetooth speaker, I just ask the Echo to play any song I can think of. Instead of walking around the house to turn off lights at night, I just ask Alexa to do it for me… It’s a reminder yet again that products that get out of our way are the ones that have the biggest impact.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

After a month plus with iPhone X, our iOS devices with Home buttons seem like antiques. — MacDailyNews, December 12, 2017

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