Getting ready to update to Final Cut Pro X 10.4

“Final Cut Pro X 10.4 should soon be here. Now is the time to prepare for a smooth transition to it. There is always a chance that there could be some changes in the way this new version of FCP will handle Libraries, Events and Projects,” Richard Taylor writes for “Once you update your projects to this new version, you might not be able to open them in an older version of the app.”

“If you follow a good backup strategy, you will already have most of the safeguards in place for updating to 10.4,” Taylor writes. “I have backups of important Libraries that can be opened in my current version of FCPX as part of my current backup strategy.”

Taylor writes, “Before you download, install and launch the update to Final Cut Pro X 10.4: Make sure install app updates and install macOS updates are unchecked in your App Store System Preferences.”

Getting ready to update to Final Cut Pro X 10.4? Read more here.

MacDailyNews Take: Better safe than sorry!

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    1. Yup… and now they are coming back. Sorry to tell you you’re wrong. Don’t be upset though. Just give it a try and you’ll see. Of you can continue to be ignorant and just tell me I’m wrong.

    2. Totaly disagree. I’m workin on FCPX as professional almoust 3 years. (first release was poor and unusable, but that was approx. 4 years ago) 🙂 there is no such a editing software on market. sorry 🙂 Adobe? Avid? i don’t think so 🙂

    3. It is very useful to drop in on that party every once in a while. There are plentiful surprises there, compared to that FCPX business of over five years ago.

      After five years of working with FCP X, I had a chance, over the last eight weeks, to get (re)acquainted with Premiere Pro. What a massive, massive mess! Nothing is intuitive, I really need to google every tiny little thing, and once I figure it out, I scratch my head in disbelief, how is it possible that some human at Adobe thought this is actually easy. Things take multiple mouse-clicks to achieve, commonly used features are located at the opposite ends of the interface, requiring mouse to travel across a big-ass monitor…

      I don’t know. I’m sure there is still a reason why those “pro editors and filmmakers” are preferring Premiere, but I can’t for the life of me find anything that it does that FCP X can’t.

      Perhaps it is just the fact that FCP X looks a bit too much like the iMovie, which then presumably screams home videos…

    4. FCPX Is absolutely the most modern NLE out there! I am a professional editor with 25 years of experience and I use all the NLEs on the market today and FCPX is by far the the best! Been running my company on the software since it’s release. It is simply amazing. I currently cut 2 weekly TV shows on it that used to be cut on premiere cc. The clients were amazed by its speed and graphic abilities.

      1. Jarrod, I too am a professorial editor, started on Avid when it came out and also worked on Quantel products, with its ultra clean interface. I agree that FCPX is the best NLE and most affordable, too. Iplike quantel, it’s interface is easy on the eyes.

  1. I had realised one thing that may explain why people like one tool over the other.

    Final Cut Pro X is designed that you can intuitively figure out how to use it. Anecdotal evidence indicates that most people rarely need to look up how to do things; they simply figure it out by naturally thinking what would be the most logical way.

    Premiere isn’t. Quite many people who spend their money on Premiere (much more expensive than FCP X) also spend some money on training. When you take training, (assuming it is a good course, with a competent instructor), you get to learn things systematically, and fairly completely. You cover all the terminology and taxonomy (Project/Sequence/Clip, vs. Event/Project/Clip, Cut tool vs. Blade tool, etc). You learn keyboard shortcuts, and you learn the way the developers had envisioned the tool to be used.

    Intuitive software is obviously better because it allows users to begin using it right away, without much help. However, there is a minor drawback there. When you learn things as you go, you may sometimes fail to discover an easier, or simpler way of doing certain tasks. It is easy to leave gaps in the knowledge, when all you know is what you figured out on your own.

    An intuitive FCP X looks deceptively simple, and Premiere Pro looks by default forbiddingly complex, hence the need for proper training. The actual difference isn’t in their complexity (which is, feature-wise, mostly on par); it is in their usability.

    I can’t imagine ever going back to Premiere (or Avid). FCP X makes me significantly faster.

    I’m very curious to learn what new FCP X 10.4 will bring. I can’t believe I haven’t had to pay a single dime since I originally purchased 10.0 when it first came out! All the subsequent versions, and massive feature upgrades, were free (after that one-time $300 payment). This simply cannot compare.

  2. I’m not getting into this software or that. My concern has been that FCP X 10.4 has not been released by now. What is going on here. It was announced some time ago. The team has the best possible source for the system software upgrade that you can have, and it still is not out. Apple should be working on the next release after this release right now keeping in mind the next major system software update. Apple must have at least a 3 year system road map. It reminds me of the story of the cobbler’s children.

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