Apple’s Lisa Jackson on making a completely green iPhone and tackling child labour concerns in supply chain

“As tech companies come under pressure over the questionable ethics involved in their supply chains for raw materials, Apple is pursuing a seriously ambitious goal for its products,” Nick Whigham reports for “The company wants to use 100 per cent recycled and renewable materials like bioplastics to make its iPhones, Macbooks and other consumer electronics in a bid to reduce its reliance on raw materials.”

“‘What we’ve committed to is 100 per cent recycled material to make our products, or renewable material,’ Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, told ‘We’re working like gangbusters on that,'” Whigham reports. “‘As far as I know, we’re the only company in the sector trying to figure that out. Most people talk about recycling electronics but the material is not necessarily used in new electronics,’ Ms Jackson said.”

“It’s a great PR move but the company’s stated goal to ‘stop mining the earth altogether’ is not likely to come to fruition anytime soon and the economics of the decision have even been described as very strange indeed, verging upon nonsense,” Whigham reports. “However, Apple has been an industry leader when it comes to cleaning up its supply chain. A new report released last week by Amnesty International, ranked industry giants including Apple, Samsung Electronics, Dell, Microsoft, BMW, Renault and Tesla on how much they had improved their cobalt sourcing practices since January 2016. Of all the companies, Apple was the only one that Amnesty said had taken ‘adequate’ measure to mitigate its reliance on cobalt mines potentially using child labour.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Environmentally conscious smartphone users have one very clear choice: Apple Inc.’s iPhone.

Buying an Android knockoff likely means contributing electronic waste, damaging the environment, and contributing to child labor abuses.

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  1. This Apple Exec just went off on Pres Trump during her interview to a foreign news organization. Mr Cook needs to get his executives in line and simply stick to business. Apple, stay the hell out of politics and make products.

  2. You may not see yourself doing the work, or enjoying it, but millions of Chinese flock to find an Apple job. In no way is Apple perfect, but when there’s been complaints re: worker conditions, Apple’s been earnest to rectify. The Boot you speak of is purely Chinese in origin. The current premiere smiles a lot and presents a good image to the world, but he’s got a nice pair of boots. He’s grabbed more power in less that 2 yrs that the full terms of the 2 prior leaders. In a centralized govt, that not a good thing..esp for the people. Fortunately, Apple plays apart in citizens being able to see what’s outside of the walled “garden.” With that said, I find TC’s SJWarrior-ism hypocritical as he’s willing to inflame/agitate customers of his own country, but is limp when it comes to disrupting China with same.

  3. Tacking child labor? This means child labor is still a problem. Gee, I thought Apple ended child labor and worker abuses a decade ago. Guess not. Must be hard to promote human rights while groveling before Chinese government officials.

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