Jony Ive: iPhone X will evolve, have new features in 12 months

“Apple’s chief designer Jony Ive recently talked about Apple Park, Apple’s new campus in Cupertino, and, of course, the new iPhone X,” Ken Manbert Salcedo reports for International Business Times. “Ive revealed some intriguing new info about the iPhone X, saying that it will have some new features in the future.”

Salcedo reports, “‘I’ve always been fascinated by these products that are more general purpose,’ Ive told Wallpaper. ‘What I think is remarkable about the iPhone X is that its functionality is so determined by software. And because of the fluid nature of software, this product is going to change and evolve. In 12 months’ time, this object will be able to do things that it can’t now. I think that is extraordinary. I think we will look back on it and see it as a very significant point in terms of the products we have been developing.’

“Ive declined to say what his design team are working on next, but he did say that they are ‘absurdly curious’ and looking for ‘alternatives’ on what to do next,” Salcedo reports. “The Apple design chief also said that some of the technologies that they’re currently working on can be understood right now, while some of them are ‘beyond the technology at the moment.’ ‘They exist as ideas, they exist to galvanize the development of technology. And some will bear fruit and others won’t,’ Ive said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully one idea that bears fruit is embedding cameras and sensors into the display so that one day, the “it’s all screen” marketing boast will actually be true.

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      1. Sorry who makes the screens again, oh yeah those people who produced the pink lines on its own screens. And hey you probably live in a world where competitors phones never have initial glitches to sort oh and where Unicorns run free.

        1. iPhone X, designed and built by the best tech company ever. Apple, when you absolutely must have the greatest technology because that’s what the talking heads say at every Apple gathering. You know, those gatherings where all you hear is an endless pronouncements of adjectives.

            1. Bash Apple? No, little man, we’re just pointing out a few unsailable facts. We’re just mocking those who won’t or can’t understand. We’re a bit pissed because Apple hasn’t performed as well as it can or should. If this really bothers you, disconnect from the web, lock your doors and windows, and avoid all contact with other humans.

  1. What’s cool and unique about Apple’s approach is that if they could, they’d get rid of hardware altogether. Just have photons or something.

    The OS is the heart and brain, and the less hardware in the way the better.

  2. Gotta say, so far the horns don’t bother me. It feels more like I’m getting bonus screen rather than losing screen. I’m also already kind of into the fact that it’s an iconic shape.

    And I bet it’s gonna be a while before they figure out how to embed all those sensors *behind* a screen.

    1. totally agree, having function band at top doesn’t bother me in the least and apple did an elegant job.

      Wish MND would stop boldly sniping apple over minutia as if they know more than Apples well managed research, design and engineering team.

        1. Wish other-boys would just go over to the Korean side and do their fanboy work over there.

          We Apple users don’t have “perfect” products, but when we have to use products from “the other side” we know damn well why we don’t quit on Apple products.

          1. If Apple sold turds with a shiny Apple logo you wouldn’t hesitate to but them, wouldn’t you? Your Pavlov’s dog for anything Apple. Your conditioned, programmed, and pliable.

            1. You’re a perfect example of a person of mediocrity. That’s OK. Some people are willing to accept inferiority. Some people make excuses for everything. Some people, but no everyone. Well, live the life you choose, bro, but don’t disparage others because they choose the high road.

          2. Other boys? Why, I am also an Apple fanboy since day one. The only difference is I hold them to a higher standard and my eyes are wide open, not blind to flaws when Jony strays …

  3. I think JI is referring to the current handset evolving. If you look at what they are doing with the new Clips app, there is a lot more potential where that came from.

    1. Or MDN’s could fix the site from when the site does a reset back to the MDN home screen moments after attempting to load one of the MDN articles linked from the home screen.
      Or the endless loop of security certificates out of date.
      Or the scripts that run into never ending loops.
      The list goes on and on of things that MDN should fix about this site but don’t.

      With regard to the cameras and sensors being part of the screen thus ending “the notch”. That’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future. It’s just not. MDN just needs to get over it.

      Eventually, and I do mean *eventually* Apple will figure out the way to create images through registration of diffuse pixels that are part of the screen with individual pixels something like that of FOVEON and adding both angle of arrival and time of arrival capabilities to each recording pixel and then software making an image from all of that information from a dispersed image.

      In theory it could happen, but Apple would have to get a screen vendor to build custom screens with a whole new technology built in AND the have a phone with the compute horsepower required to create high enough pixel count and high enough frame rates for customers to be satisfied that is orders of magnitude beyond even the A11 chip of today (maybe in 10 – 20 years).

      1. “With regard to the cameras and sensors being part of the screen thus ending “the notch”. That’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future. It’s just not. MDN just needs to get over it.”

        How do you know?

        This is the number one complaint from MDN leading the charge, bless them, and countless others.

        When Apple has to release guidelines to App developers to design AROUND the botched notch, you know something is seriously wrong …

  4. I’m so glad some people like the notch. That’s good, really good. We need lab rats willing to participate in post-marketing product reviews of experimental devices.

    1. Ive makes the best emojis ever. Ive is the absolute genius behind emojis. Ive is unsurpassed in designing emojis. Ive will go down in history as the ultimate emoji designer. Mark my words, when it comes to emojis Ive stands alone.

  5. I’d like to ask why the Apple AirPower charging accessory for iPhones, Watch, etc. isn’t ready NOW? I hardly think it the technical problem to solve and get to market as a new iPhone is.

    Other parties like Mophie & Belkin have their offerings out there already and Apple won’t be ready until 2018? Sheesh.

    1. Well, it Apple knew what the customers wanted Apple would be more than willing to satisfy public demand. Unfortunately, Apple is an insular environment were real discussion and discourse is inhibited by a culture of elitist thinking and pressure to conform to managerial edicts.

  6. 12 months… really? Noooo… Really? 12 months?! Unbelievable that this story was published. OF COURSE IT WILL DO THINGS IN 12 MONTHS THAT IT CANNOT DO NOW. OMG… I hate fabricated excitement. Oh, by the way, I’ll be able to do things in 12 minutes that I can’t do now, in Adobe Illustrator CC. Just so you know.

    1. Certainly a head scratcher statement saying I can’t do it now, but in 12 months I can. Whaaaaattt?

      The animated 3D emojis are beautiful works of art along with all static emojis. “Skeuomorphism is the design concept of making items represented resemble their real-world counterparts.”

      So why then, is iOS so flat? Two night and day visual approaches living together that CLASH with each other, makes absolutely no sense.

      Possibly in the next twelve months Jony can trade in Illusrator for Maya and render a more visual robust set of iOS icons that work together …

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