T3 reviews Apple’s iPhone X: Brilliant, five stars, 2017’s best smartphone

“The first thing that’s quite surprising when you take it out of the box is just how small it is. The last two phones this writer has used are the Note 8 and latterly the iPhone 8 Plus, both superb handsets – but big,” Dan Grabham and Spencer Hart write for T3. “Of course, it’s not the iPhone X display that’s small, but the body of the phone is. It feels a lot more like the iPhone 8 than the 8 Plus.”

“The materials used undeniably make the phone feel super-premium,” Grabham and Hart write. “We love the stainless steel edge especially. The so-called ‘notch’ at the top of the screen is far from intrusive and houses plenty of stuff. However, there is a bit of an issue with some apps not rendering themselves correctly around the notch, while some apps – Safari notably, just use bars to make the screen a more conventional shape… The second thing that’s surprising is the first time you swipe up to go to the Home screen in iOS 11. It should feel weird, but we found it didn’t. Other reviewers said it took them days to get used to the lack of home button, but we really weren’t troubled by it. Yes, really. We surprised ourselves and have only tried to press a non-existent home button a few times.”

Apple's iPhone X. Say hello to the future.
Apple’s iPhone X. Powered by the amazing A11 Bionic. Say hello to the future.

“It’s the marriage of software and hardware that’s so effective here and that’s especially the case when it comes to Face ID,” Grabham and Hart write. “It’s what Apple is so good at. It’s why the iPhone X is 2017’s best phone…”

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  1. I agree 100%, but would give it way more than five stars.

    It feels heavy, but good heavy.

    I only find the notch inconvenient when an app tries to place something I need to see under the notch, like captions on a video.

    And I love the new gestures, cannot wait for them to appear across the board on IOS devices, like my iPads

    1. Five stars “cough”. Seriously? Someone got some primo ganja. I would love a couple hits, yo. I get it now. iPhone X is the bomb after you get stoned. Smoke ’em if you got ’em, peeps.

  2. “is the iPhone X the best phone this year? Yes. But only by a whisker. The Galaxy Note 8 is so close, ”

    so close?

    how can this be because the X processor is something like twice as fast as the Note 8, the screen is better and so is the camera and Apple’s Face ID is miles ahead.

    (just before posting this , I googled around to check the various review comparisons and So many of them put Samsung’s face recognition — that can be tricked with a photograph and can’t read a face with glasses — as EQUAL to Face ID, i.e in a check box list of features both phones are Checked OK on facial recognition so EQUAL POINTS !!! )

    Reviewers make a lot more money from dozens of Android reviews than one or two iPhone and they bend over backwards for Android, last thing they want is to up end their Android bread basket.

    1. That tells u that media is nothing but a joke and a manipulation/propaganda machine bought by the the Mula…
      Or some ego… (cnn)
      Sad but it is what it is…
      Follow the money …almost never fails!

    1. Bott, are you ever going to say anything that isn’t stupid ? With your idiotic support of Trump emblazoned on your avatar you make yourself less credible to anyone with a brain

        1. Sorry, Bot. Grizzmick is a little hoarse. Screaming into the void for hours has injured his pharynx. Then going home and watching re-runs of CNN’s POTUS election predictions and finality has ruined his brain.

  3. Such is how it has always been regarding Apple particularly with less objective or less experienced reviewers (who are the overwhelming majority). Its lazy to simply look at base specs rather than a more nuanced and quality based review of all aspects of the technology referred to but far easier to stay clear of such arguments and gain the wrath of fanboys and companies with the advertising revenues in mind of their employers.

    It puts Apple at a big disadvantage simply because they refuse to use technology until they deem it fit for purpose as opposed to most of its rivals (even if this policy isn’t always foolproof). The opposition then of course use those reviews and the basic stats sheets time and again in their advertising to cover up their inherent and usually numerous deficiencies in their technologies. Their advertising clout usually ensures that their tactics only rarely get challenged thereafter. Sadly web ‘experts’ are usually even more tied in with an agenda so are perhaps even less objective in the main though many try not to be so influenced. Thankfully enough users are a lot less taken in by their tactics than they used to be in the old dark days of Microsoft when identical tactics (indeed with some deeply troubling pressure) were used allowing even less room for objectivity.

  4. This phone is everything I wanted. OLED, bezel-less, and still fits in your pocket. Face ID works faster than touch ID, the difference without the home button is a non issue, swipe instead, no big deal. The notch is also a non issue, I honestly can’t understand why everybody thinks the notch is so bad, some people just gotta have something to complain about. Apple hit it out of the park with this one.

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