I hate how much I love Apple’s iPhone X

“I’m a total gadget nerd, and it’s been five years since a new smartphone made me nod to myself with the understanding that, ‘Yes, I need that thing more than I need air.’ But the buzz around the iPhone X has had me a little more hyped than usual,” Alex Cranz writes for Gizmodo. “I should know better than to fall for the hype, but after spending nearly a week with the device, I’ve actually convinced myself that spending $1,000 on a phone seems like a good idea.”

Cranz writes, “If you hate me for saying that, that’s okay, I hate me too.”

“Over the last few days, I’ve spent hours fiddling with the front-facing ‘TrueDepth’ setup that makes the Face ID magic possible. It’s by far the most technologically innovative aspect of the phone,” Cranz writes. “This camera gets me, and I don’t even have to hold it up directly in front of my face. As long as the camera is pointed in my face’s direction, and I’m looking at it, the phone will open.”

Apple's iPhone X. Say hello to the future.
Apple’s iPhone X. Powered by the amazing A11 Bionic. Say hello to the future.

“The reason you buy the iPhone X is because of that too luxurious design, and that audaciously hedonistic display, and that super cool depth-sensing selfie camera,” Cranz writes. “I don’t need the $1,000 iPhone X, but after spending the last few days with it, boy do I want to go buy one.”

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  1. Boy this fixation on the price is astounding. If you go to Starbucks and get any coffee beverage over $2 per day, you’ve paid more in a month for that, then the monthly lease on the iPhone X. People need to shut up about the pricing already….

    1. From the World Bank:
      “In 2013, the year for which the most comprehensive data on global poverty is available, 767 million people, or 10.7 percent of the population, were estimated to be living below the international poverty line of $1.90 per person per day.”

      And you feel great about spending $1,000 + for a phone you will cast aside in 2 years or less.

      O.K. Donald. How’s Melania doing?

      1. I can assure you that everyone working at the World Bank has an expensive smartphone, and they don’t feel bad at all about spending $1000+ for it, all the while working on poverty issues.

        Just because there’s still a great deal of poverty in the World, though down 1 billion people in the last 20 years or so, thanks to the economic growth of China, lifting 800M peasants out of poverty, doesn’t mean that you have to feel bad for owning an expensive smartphone, particularly if it makes you more productive.

  2. In 1851, a boat from America was invited to Britain to race around the Isle of Wight. It turned out to be a one-sided contest. Despite starting last of 15 boats, America overtook the whole fleet and, as other craft fell by the wayside, she finished several miles ahead of the few remaining contenders. When Queen Victoria asked who came in second, an aide replied, “Ma’am, there is no second.”

    Re: Today’s official launch of the iPhone X and it’s nearest smartphone competitor, “Ma’am, there is no second”

      1. Their are people that do 98% of the work you do and only get paid half as much as you even less. Does that make you overrated and impractical?
        I hope someone finds the value in your comment.

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