Apple’s exposes IDC’s and Gartner’s flawed Mac unit sales estimates

“Two industry surveys didn’t come close to estimating [Apple’s Mac unit sales] accurately,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl.

“It begins with those published reports of falling sales, or, at best, a slight increase over last year. Gartner claimed that Apple sold 4.61 million Macs for the September quarter, a drop of 5.6%, a little more than the average for PC companies. IDC estimated sales of 4.9 million, an increase of just 0.3%,” Steinberg writes. “The reality was something altogether different.”

“Apple reported sales of 5.4 million Macs, representing an increase of 10% from the previous year,” Steinberg writes. “Clearly Gartner and IDC, both of whom have undercounted Mac sales before, need to evaluate their survey methods, because they failed big time on these estimates.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What else is new?

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  1. “What else is new?”

    I’ve been a very active trader in AAPL stock options since 2004. I can state, unequivocally, that Luca Maestri is the best CFO Apple has had in the time frame.

    Because of the accuracy of Luca’s Guidance I no longer try to calculate units. I rely on Luca’s Guidance to make my options decisions. I DO NOT RELY ON APPLE CENTRIC BLOGS, WS ANALYSTS, OR RESEARCH FIRMS.

    So far this year my portfolio is up 743% trading only 35% of available cash at any one time.

    Dedicated individuals CAN do better managing their investments than the “professionals”.

        1. Who the F are u , Pablo, the investment police? Leave Gregg alone, jeezus. friggin’ do-gooders trying to tell people what to do when people like Gregg are just doing on – not blabbering like blabberers like pablo-friggin-royal-pain-head.

  2. There could be a less nefarious reason. With the IBM iOS deal more Macs could be going through new channels that IDC and Gartner don’t look at. You need Macs to deploy iOS devices; more enterprise iOS more Macs. Apple’s partnership with IBM may beginning to bare some fruit. Something way off the radar for the analysts.

    I am not defending Gartner and IDC, they have been anti Apple for a long time. It has been reported that some of their clients are Apple competitors (Samsung, MS). I am saying the world is changing, especially when it comes to Apple and enterprise. This may be one of reasons for their low ball. I still laugh that IDC was confident that Microsoft would be the dominant smartphone maker now and Apple would be third or fourth. I am sure you will never hear an apology for that.

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