iPhone X delivery dates slip minutes after preorders begin

Did you get yours?

We did! Each with a November 3rd delivery date, one week away, iPhone X’s official launch day. But, those delivery dates didn’t last for long – just a few minutes!

Apple’s iPhone X became available today at 12:01 am PDT / 3:01 am EDT. The iPhone X is available in Silver and Space Gray finishes in 64GB or 256GB storage capacities. The 64GB versions are priced at $999 and the 256GB models are $1,149.

During the preorder process, Apple performed carrier checks for our unlocked iPhone X models (Verizon). This process took a few extra precious seconds, but went off without a hitch and thankfully did not delay delivery on our orders.

Within minutes, by 12:10 am PDT, iPhone X delivery dates for both colors (Silver and Space Gray) and both capacities (64GB and 256GB) slipped to “1-2 weeks.”

By 12:17 am PDT, all delivery dates for iPhone X units slipped to “2-3 weeks.”

Update: By 12:28 am PDT, all delivery dates for iPhone X units slipped to “4-5 weeks.”

Update: By 1:44 am PDT all delivery dates for iPhone X units slipped to “5-6 weeks.”

Apple's revolutionary iPhone X
Apple’s revolutionary iPhone X

Those customers who haven’t preordered can still brave Apple Stores, third-party retailers (Best Buy, Target, et.), and carrier stores in order to try to get their iPhone X on November 3rd.

An early iPhone X preorder with Day One delivery (November 3) email message from Apple Inc.
An early iPhone X preorder with Day One delivery (November 3) email message from Apple Inc.


  1. 1. The Apple Store app didn’t go live until 7-8 minutes past when it was suppose to go live.

    2. When it finally did go live I completed the order within 1 minute and got a reservation number message stating the carrier systems could not be reached.

    3. The message said they will be emailing me to complete the order. Almost 30 minutes has past and no email has been sent.

    4. Confused.

    1. 1. It’s been one hour and ten minutes since I placed the order in the Apple Store app and the carrier servers still can not be reached to complete the order.

      2. There are no reservations listed for my “order” in the Apple Store app

      3. Apple sales doesn’t answer the phone

      3. Even more confused

  2. 12:06 256 silver nov 3.. yeee ha:)

    12:10 all 256 models sold out.. 2-3 weeks
    64s still abailible

    12:20 all models sold out…. 2-3 weeks

    12:32 all models sold our….. 4-5 weeks

    1. I personally feel there is massive interest..
      But that is just what i feel/think!

      …. ummm … yet …what if Apple can only produce 1000 phones a day ???? (Just being the devils advocate;) )

      I truly believe x is a hit.. even with F-ing Notch..


  3. The App Store only started working at 12:05AM PST (or 4:05AM my time). Regardless, I managed to get it (Silver 64GB) for Nov 3rd and a case for Nov 2nd. I was charged right away for the case and about 20-25 minutes after I ordered for the phone. I used a VISA Debit and I had to call my bank to get an increase in my allowable Online Spend Limit. Of course, I woke up 20 minutes before the preorder and only checked to make sure the numbers were still updated and above the usual $1,000 limit like 8 minutes before and sure enough, the limit reverted back to $1,000. Luckily I had my bank on speed dial and quick access to my debit card AND the guy on the other end was super quick. Managed to get off the phone by 11:59 PST. So I was sure I was going to be on the phone much longer… needless to say, I was almost sweating bullets! My first online preorder for an iPhone and what an experience!

  4. Still don’t have e-mail order confirmation as of 12:40am. When I look at the Apple Store app under Orders it says I don’t have any but I know for a fact I went through the whole process with a delivery date and everything. Maybe Apple monthly payment plan reports differently than straight sales? Find out later today I guess.

  5. 11/3 64g silver on Verizon, watched the Macworld twitter feed, which was useful to hear which carrier sites were up, TMo was taking orders 3 mins before the start time of 12:01. Verizon seemed to be the next one to open after mid nite. Since the Apple Store app was taking too long, I ordered directly thru Verizon.

  6. I made a basic assumption:

    -Who waits until 12:01a.m. for an iPhone? Geeks, fans, people like me….
    -Are they woman or man? Mostly man
    -Are they going for black or white? Black
    -64GB will be the more popular choice because it’s a bit cheaper.
    -What should I put as favourite in my Apple Store App? White 256GB, followed by White 64GB, followed by Black 256GB.

    And the result is: White 256GB for a delivery on Nov 3rd!

    I might have made the wrong assumptions on all fronts, but I will believe it’s right because it worked!

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