Apple Store currently offline ahead of iPhone X preorders

Apple’s online store is currently offline ahead of iPhone X preorders:

We’ll be back.

We’re busy updating the store for you. Please check back soon.

iPhone X preorders start at 12:01 am PDT / 3:01 am EDT on Friday, October 27th.

Apple Store currently offline

Good luck, everybody!

[UPDATE: 3:01am EDT: The Apple Store is back online for iPhone X preorders]


  1. Doesn’t look like unlocked, sim-free iPhone Xs will be available at first. Anyone know if its a hassle to buy one tied to your ATT number for example, and then sell it to someone else? I might try buying one unlocked here in Poland ($1400 base model) if I can get at least $2000 back in the US.

  2. Woo hoo! Next Friday delivery. Was worried when I finally got the App Store up on my iPad and it said I needed to do it from my phone. Then switched to phone for 5 mins of restarting store before getting it done.

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