Watch: In Conversation with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the University of Oxford’s Foundry Launch

“A new Oxford University facility aimed at developing the entrepreneurial skills of students has been launched by Apple CEO Tim Cook,” BBC News reports.

“The Oxford Foundry is based in the refurbished building that housed the Glee club on Hythe Bridge Street,” The Beeb reports. “It was developed by the Saїd Business School with the aim of ‘inspiring and supporting Oxford’s 23,000 students.'”

“Mr Cook described his invitation to the opening of the multi-million pound hub as a ‘privilege,'” The Beeb reports. “The Oxford Foundry building, which was originally a Victorian ice factory, includes working spaces, presentation areas and a cafe. It will channel academic research commercially, bring world renowned figures in to talk to students, host problem solving competitions and workshops, and provide a start-up support programme.”

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MacDailyNews Take: One of our favorite quotes:

Michael Dell had just said that if he were the CEO of Apple, he would close it down and give any remaining money to the shareholders… I did what an engineer does. I made a list of pluses and minuses [about leaving Compaq for Apple], I ran a spreadsheet. They both told me I should stay put, but my intuition was saying something different. And I listened to my intuition. That was one of the most important decisions of my life. Maybe the most important. — Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Steve Jobs targets Dell, "We’re coming after you, buddy!"
Apple CEO Steve Jobs targets Dell, “We’re coming after you, buddy!”

More info about The Oxford Foundry here.

Apple CEO Cook to open Oxford university start-up hub – October 11, 2017


  1. and of course the only questioner not following the house rules (state your name, ask a question, and keep it brief) was an adult. students followed the rules just fine.

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