Apple’s iPhone X Face ID has at least 3 cool hidden features

“You probably know that Apple’s new Face ID feature will unlock the iPhone X and secure mobile payments with Apple Pay,” Jessica Dolcourt writes for CNET. “You might even know that the front-facing camera behind Face ID can apply portrait mode to selfies and also breathe life into animated emojis, or ‘animoji.'”

Dolcourt asks, “But did you know that Face ID knows when you’re looking at the screen, and then makes the iPhone X respond?”

According to Apple’s website, when you’re looking at the screen, Face ID will:
• Reveal notification and messages for your eyes only
• Keep the screen lit when you’re reading (don’t you hate when it dims before you’re ready?)
• Lower the volume of an alarm or ringer, because you can hear it, already, I mean, you’re right there

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s a wealth of features that Apple can add because the iPhone X knows when you’re paying attention to it. It’ll be fun to see what else Apple adds over time to utilize iPhone X’s (and future products’) facial/attention recognition sensors.


  1. This is Apple at its best, not necessarily the first to this sort of tech but when it does introduce it, it’s no longer a gimmick, it works seamlessly and has the ability to develop into so many additional areas both serious and fun. If only they could apply that to AppleTV

    1. Excuse me, but animoji is definitely a gimmick.

      The new Apple prioritized this over Mac development, or getting Watch OS fully tested.

      There was a time I believed Apple was untouchable in software quality. But after being burned too many times lately, I have absolutely no desire to be a beta tester for Face ID.

      FID is more like a workaround than a functional usability improvement even if it does work as advertised–which Craig showed on stage isn’t faster especially if you allow others to use your phone.

      1. Realist? Pessimist? In the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

        You picked at one “gimmicky” aspect, ignored the validity of the rest of the features, then jumped over to complain about Mac development and a minor issue on Watch OS for a product that has not yet bee released at retail. As for your complaint about FID and letting others use your phone? Incredibly minor.

        Therefore, you appear to be a pessimist, not a realist as claimed.

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