Survey suggests higher demand for iPhone 8 and X

“Survey suggests better than expected demand for iPhone X and iPhone 8, but lines will be shorter,” Gene Munster writes for Loup Ventures. “This week we surveyed 388 consumers in the U.S. across all demographics and found that of those planning to buy an iPhone in the next year, 25% plan on purchasing an iPhone X and 39% and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.”

“We are modeling for iPhone X to be 20% of units over the next year, and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to be 25% of units over the next year,” Munster writes. “Said another way, the survey suggested 64% of iPhones in the next year will be either the iPhone X, iPhone 8, or 8 Plus, compared to our current model of 45%. While we are encouraged by this survey, we are keeping our iPhone mix estimates unchanged to err on the side of conservatism.”

“Expect shorter lines this year,” Munster writes. “Given the most current version of the iPhone is split between the iPhone X and iPhone 8, and more people are purchasing their phones online or through the iPhone upgrade program, our best guess is that lines will be less than half as long as we observed in 2016.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We, along with nearly 70% of MacDailyNews readers, only have eyes for iPhone X.

Good luck when the iPhone X preorder bell rings, everyone!


  1. Funny how we haven’t seen anything about long lines this time. However, I find it a little hard to believe that it’s all due to the iPhone X. I believe it’s also due to the 8 not being much more then the 7.

    I’ve got a 6s plus and wanted to get the 8 but there hasn’t been a big enough advancement since I bought the 6s to make me want to spend almost $1k on the 8. Guess I’ll keep my 6s another year and see what comes out next year.

    1. Here’s the better question: can anyone recall a smooth major product rollout under Cook? When the product is buzzing in the media for 6 months prior to launch, Apple doesn’t build enough inventory. Or Apple artificially restricts availability to create the illusion of high sales (Watch v 1.0). Or Apple screws up technical stuff (WatchOS 4, IPhone 6 camera alignment, everything about iOS7). Or Apple goes so long between product iterations that they don’t have a clue whether there is huge pent up demand or whether frustrated pros already moved back to Windows.

      You would think a company with this much money would achieve consistency.

      1. Pessimist again. Some of what you say has merit, but you are always so down on Apple and Cook that it is difficult to take you seriously. You have a habit of combining one legitimate gripe with several of dubious merit. at best, then expect us to jump on the Apple bashing bandwagon.

        Get some perspective. Then try to keep it.

  2. First weekend sales since Cook took over:

    iPhone 4s: 4 million
    iPhone 5: 5 million
    iPhone 5s: 9 million
    iPhone 6: 10 million
    iPhone 6s: 13 million
    iPhone 7: Unknown. Sold all of supply however. (first full quarter was nearly 80m phones though… Thats more than most companies do in a year.. S8 “shipped” nearly 5m in the first few weeks. Thats below iPhone 5’s first weekend sales.. Just adds some context around volume and the ability to make that many as quickly as possible.

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