Apple’s iPhone 8 is technically a gigabit LTE phone, kinda

“At first blush, iFixit’s tech autopsy on the iPhone 8 didn’t reveal anything particularly notable, besides some different screws and a way to remove the glass backing,” Mat Smith writes for Engadget. “But then when it came to the laundry list of chips and modems all crammed inside Apple’s latest smartphones, we noticed something.”

“It looks like the company has made its first gigabit LTE phone, capable of substantially faster download speeds,” Smith writes. “Or at least, the iPhone 8 could have, if it had everything else.”

Smith writes, “The iPhone 8 (according to iFixit’s teardown) doesn’t appear to have the antennas necessary to harness gigabit LTE.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: By the time most users need/want to be able to utilize gigabit LTE, Apple will have it available in iPhones.


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