9to5Mac reviews Apple Watch Series 3: Unlocks new potential with LTE, dramatically improved Siri

“Apple Watch Series 3 finally lets you make phone calls without carrying your iPhone thanks to optional LTE, but calling is only a part of what cellular enables for the watch,” Zac Hall writes for 9to5Mac. “Apple Watch Series 3 can be your dedicated tour guide on your wrist with Maps, your connection to friends and family with Messages, and your always-present personal assistant with Siri — and now even when you’re away from your iPhone.”

“After using Apple Watch Series 3 for several days, it’s clear to me that LTE largely fulfills the promises made by the original Apple Watch. If the idea of getting away from your iPhone without being totally disconnected gives you peace of mind, Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular is for you,” Hall writes. “Even without LTE, Apple Watch Series 3 delivers performance improvements and new features that can change how Apple Watch is used.”

“Apple Watch Series 3 comes in two flavors: GPS from $329 and GPS + Cellular from $399. You can buy the model with LTE and only activate service on a month-to-month basis so I highly recommend considering that model if you’re on the fence,” Hall writes. “[The new S3 chip] makes Apple Watch powerful enough to enable voice feedback from Siri which feels lightning fast now… I found myself giving Siri commands with more confidence and less awkwardness and frustration thanks to the new found responsiveness.”

“Apple Watch Series 3 feels like a major leap forward from the original Apple Watch, and both cellular and the dramatically improved Siri experience enables new uses over Series 2,” Hall writes. “Apple Watch has shifted from its experimental infancy to securing its place as an extremely motivating fitness coach and a practical escape from always being plugged in.”

Tons more, including many photos, in the full review here.

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Apple has a winner on their hands wrists with the new Apple Watch Series 3 models!

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  1. Just read that the LTE Watch is having an issue that Apple acknowledges. It trys to connect to unauthenticated WiFi networks, and skips over cellular when doing that. Basically the handoff has issues. And Apple says it will issue a software update. Eventually.

    1. Ahh, there’s someone feeling a bit damp today. If true, tron’s post about a A-Watch issue, that Apple acknowledges, should be valuable news. Your Wetness, can you confirm it’s false, hence the d-vote, or are you in need of a fresh one?

  2. So are the naysayers especially those with a ulterior motive going to stop their childish campaign of mis representation against the watch and the underplaying of its impact and finally accept that it is not just going to be a success but already is? … No thought not. I presume they feel delusion doesn’t afflict them as long as they simply don’t re enter the real world.

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