Apple’s OLED iPhone launch is likely delayed to November, supplier says

“Still undecided on the detailed specifications of some hardware and design features, US tech giant Apple has postponed the unveiling of the iPhone 8 fitted with an OLED screen to November, while the LCD-equipped iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will likely debut in September as planned, industry sources said on August 10,” Kim Young-won reports for The Korea Herald.

“‘Apple’s top brass recently approved the September launch of two LCD models, but the OLED iPhone launch is likely to be delayed to November,’ an official from a Korean supplier told The Investor on condition of anonymity,” Kim reports. “The official added the relocation of the fingerprint sensor, among other things, seems to be a sticking point for the first OLED iPhone… ‘The iPhone’s rear design has not yet been finalized. We are still awaiting Apple’s final decision before shipping parts,’ he said, hinting that the phone is also likely to have a fingerprint scanner on the back.”

“The OLED iPhone has been widely rumored to feature on-screen fingerprint scanning that would remove the physical home button on the bottom of the device and allow more room for a larger-than-ever display screen. But sources said Apple may have ditched the plan recently due to technical glitches,” Kim reports. “In the meantime, suppliers for the two LCD iPhones started shipping parts from June and have been ramping up shipments since July. The LCD models are expected to have an edge-to-edge screen that wraps around the side. LG Display is the key supplier.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This seems like old, regurgitated, and just plain wrong (edge-to-edge LCD) information perhaps dropped by iPhone knockoff outfits who would like nothing more than to rope in a few more suckers before iPhone again kills their sales or by stock market manipulators who’ve shorted AAPL.

We’re going to value KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest information over random supplier sources who very likely also make their own iPhone wannabes.

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  1. Obvious MANIPULATION of the AAPL stock. Or INCOMPETENT competitors thinking that people will go for their product instead of waiting for a delayed iPhone #SAD #KOREANTHREAT

  2. The issue with having a fingerprint on the back is you can’t protect the corners from breaking the glass if u drop the phone in turn you spend more more and time repairing your phone.

    Thanks again as if we want to wait three hours or more again. No cover protection. If you want more screen by the bigger phone to begin with…

  3. Obviously fake. At this point the hardware specs have all been decided upon. They have to be. You can’t just change hardware design and magically overnight the product exists.

    Whoever wrote this rumor has no knowledge of how manufacturing and design of a new product works, or at least relies on the reader not knowing. The only way any device could enter production either for September, or November, is for the hardware specs to have been locked down a long time ago. The details and logistics of manufacturing dictate that.

    Hardware decisions were likely finalized at least months ago, to allow for sourcing of parts, creation of the manufacturing lines, testing, etc. I would say even moreso with Apple, given the scale at which they need to produce the product.

    Bottom line: at this point the hardware is all baked in the cake.

  4. As said before, Apple has to be a year ahead of itself to have a new design to function and be tested well enough to ship. It would be suicide to do otherwise. The report, as always, is bogus, and has yet again hurt all our long term investment in AAPL. People are dumb enough to continue to believe this and sell emotionally based on headlines.

  5. If this is true it looks like I will get my IP8 in 2018 late spring/early summer. And I am not surprised by that. 12.9 iPad Pro is still not available in Europe. I ordered it after WWDC and still patiently waiting.
    My only hope is that ip8 will be priced $2000+ so lowballers in US will back off in anger, fear and frustration and I will ne able to get mine sooner.

  6. Why does this being true or false matter? If you’re interested in the OLED model you’ll wait for it, if not, the LCD version will (probably) ship on time. Minimal effect on iPhone sales disruption due to the OLED model being released a few months later. Being released later might actually help balance out the sales dip later in the year.

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