Ireland seeks custodian for Apple $15.2 billion in back taxes as collection nears

“The Irish government is setting up a fund to manage the estimated 13 billion euros ($15.2 billion) it will collect from Apple Inc. in back taxes, nearly a year after the European Commission ruled the country had provided a sweetheart deal on tax to the U.S. firm,” Peter Flanagan reports for Bloomberg.

“The government and Apple will jointly appoint a custodian to hold the money to be deposited by the iPhone maker, the finance ministry said in an emailed statement,” Flanagan reports. “The funds will be held in escrow pending appeals by Apple and Ireland, which could take years.”

Flanagan reports, “One or more investment managers will also be hired to manage the money.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The EU farce continues.

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  1. Call it the fudge debt. Come on Cook, you fake Jobs CEO, you have been leeching off of Jobs product roadmaps, laying back and sucking up to liar Hillary and the rest of leftist losers. You have never been an innovator, only a bean counter. Give it up, and take Ahrends or whatever her name is … another high octane big cost do nothing like that dapper fake who you hired to help sell music. Its over.

    1. The leftist losers as you call em, are the faces of beloved aapl who brought you the innovated wares. So what have the con states have contributed besides the snow flakes who feel left behind?

        1. Is there actually some point you wanted to make with your post beyond showing another knee jerk reaction from the bottwipe? What is your point bottwipe?

          You pointed to an article about taxes. There must have been some point to it.

        2. Hey bott…. I’d also vote to ban any incentives for businesses to move to California unless they moved to rural locations. Spread the jobs around. Actually provide a solution for losers like you.

        3. “When you owe more than you have you are broke. And the California State Auditor says that CA is broke:”

          Capitol Alert: State auditor: California’s net worth at negative $127.2 billion

        4. CitizenXCon: “Californians can afford to pay a few pennies more for gas and we can still afford to pay welfare to your red state.”

          Reality: “Capitol Alert: State auditor: California’s net worth at negative $127.2 billion.”

          you lose.


        5. Californians will survive and thrive and continue to support your pathetic red state. We know that. Your hissy fit won’t change that.

          I’m actually beginning to think you are even more pathetic than I imagine. I’m starting to feel sorry for you bottwipe.

        6. do you need another story? Maybe how I used to read computer magazines back in the late 70’s. Lying on my back on the living room floor. My infant daughter lying on my stomach/chest, sleep while I read.

          It might help settle you down.

        7. SAD! bottwipe is so bereft of ideas and moral authority and the yellow rain falling on his head is starting to smell like what it is, piss, that he has to start talking about the California Budget.

          Pardon me?

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          Now, there is a proper dried cat turd to keep you motivated.

        9. I’m glad we agree that tRump obstructed justice. I didn’t know Manson but I am pretty sure he was responsible for all that happened.

          Oh. If it helps. I was not called into the office and asked about the bridge. Others were. The punishments were light.

          So even the screws weren’t concerned with me and the burning bridge. LOL.

        10. Ever notice, people hate you? You’re quite the accomplished douchebag. You should see if the Liar-in-Chief has a spot for a small-handed windbag like you.

        11. You’re right. Those are all love downvotes. Kinda like when boys pull girls hair on the playground. Secretly, we all want to have our first kiss with it.

  2. What is it about people living in the USA, ok not all by any means but u get my meaning, that no matter what the topic of discussion on a tech new site Left and Right government views have to be dragged out as the true hidden meaning of things? When I goto tech Web sites based in Europe or other regions people mostly just discuss the meat of the article but on US based sites it seems to devolve into the same old political arguments time after time.

    Is arguing between the parties really that pervasive in the USA? I’m me we Canadians do it as well but nowhere near as much

    I know that taxes and all is a political thing and as such it probably has a place hear to be discussed but when reading a review of let’s say headphones or VR gear to read the comments and see it become the same left vs right argument just gets to the point of tuning it all out and skipping the comments all together.

    My two cents.

    I will say they are looking for a huge payout over there. Like wow. So seems odd for sure.

    1. This is not the same left versus right argument as in the past. With the help of American conspirators the U.S. has been taken over by the hostile, non-free country known as Russia. This is war.

      What is occurring in the U.S. will effect alliances across the globe. This means Canada and other “free” countries can not rely on the U.S. anymore to be a “friend”.

      Let’s hope Canada isn’t next on Putin’s wish list.

        1. You are up to 91 FAKE DOWN VOTES. Amazing some people waste their time like this is important and means something.

          But I guess if you live a FAKE life, vote for FAKE politicians, believe FAKE news, believe FAKE Hollywood, well, you have nowhere else to go but FAKE DOWN VOTES … Pity.

        2. Some relevant quotes for you.
          “Patriot. The person who can holler the loudest, without knowing what he is hollering about” : Mark Twain.
          “The haters always scream the loudest” : Tucker Max.
          “The dogs with the loudest bark are the one’s that are most afraid” : Norman Reedus.
          “…that the loudest are the least sincere, that arrogance is a quality of the innorant, and that flattered tend to be vicious” : Isobel Allende.
          “Turn a deaf ear to those who shout the loudest, for an honest man need not raise his voice” : Richard Salsberry.

          Your so-called “FAKE” meme, is nothing more…or less, than the considered opinion of the thoughtful majority who choose not to be the loudest.
          I recommend reading the original texts for enlightenment.

        3. The “thoughtful majority” is a ruse full of FAKE VOTERS. No one deserves 90 down votes in 20 minutes. Genuine my ass!!! Oooooh, sorry. Didn’t mean to shout …

        4. Yeah, like when you prove star voting is as pure as the driven snow. Those of us that have witnessed the manipulation in a record amount of time — hundreds of down votes, cast in minutes in the dead of night. Yeah, Gotcha still believes they are all pure, one person, one vote … Time to wake up. 🤔

          @herself just wrote a spot on detailed post on star votes. I doubt you read it, the evidence goes against your meme. So I provide two excerpts:

          “The system has been “gamed,” meaning that certain tech nerds can drive up or down votes at will, making the entire exercise a joke.

          These days, it is just too easy to engage in drive-by vandalism. Voting was once a form of free speech by secret ballot. Now it has become a strategy to suppress free speech through intimidation by statistical manipulation.”

          It is a FACT even a child knows is true and no amount of denial Wii change it …

        5. I assure you, Mr. Whiny Paranoid, that your attitude earned you my downvote. Maybe you should look at your attitude problem for a clue why nobody respects you or your loudmouth sidekick buttwipe.

        6. Generalize in absolute terms much? Nobody? Speaking for everyone, as well. Your entitled to spout off, but I don’t agree and could not care less about votes up or down …

        7. Goeb, I have been concerned about declining civility in the forums since WordPress introduced the star voting system. The system has been “gamed,” meaning that certain tech nerds can drive up or down votes at will, making the entire exercise a joke.

          When polls become meaningless, citing them is ludicrous or naïve. I’ve petitioned WordPress to ditch the whole system, but I expect no relief from them or from any business that profits from click counts irregardless. Certain other websites have adopted “conscientious” voting systems—those where the up- and down-votes are attributed to voters by name. Accountability breeds civility, and on those websites, it shows.

          I very much miss the days when a brilliant post at MDN would elicit a cascade of embellished “plus-one” comments. These days, it is just too easy to engage in drive-by vandalism. Voting was once a form of free speech by secret ballot. Now it has become a strategy to suppress free speech through intimidation by statistical manipulation.

        8. Another well reasoned post with a mix of tech history, lack of ethics and tainted influence of the almighty cyber dollar. Could not agree more.

          When voting is hijacked, manipulated and fake — no one wins. I too wish the integrity was restored. One person, one verifiable vote. Liking voter ID better all the time and not the WordPress shenanigans.

          For the time being, Botty seems to be bearing the brunt, although others like myself have been treated to the same manipulation and faux intimidation.

          Simply won’t work. Not NOW. Not EVER … 👊🏻

        9. GoeB, what is amazing is the you and botty waste your time attempting to influence political opinions on this forum. Sure, you won a federal election through the Electoral College and a number of Congressional seats through egregious gerrymandering. But you are fooling yourself if you actually believe that you represent the majority of this country. You are an aberration in history and upcoming elections will demonstrate how much you have alienated U.S. citizens.

        10. “asswipes” like me control:
          • The Presidency
          • The Senate
          • The House
          • The Supreme Court
          • The State Houses
          • The Governorships

          “asswipes” like you have The View and Don Lemon. You have no power, you are impotent.

        11. You actually control practically zilch. Trump is steering the country about as effectively as a drunken mole and the Republican control f Contress has been revealed as a highly fractured and contentious coalition. You were (and still are) only good at obstruction. You have no talent or skill for government.

        12. …and the good news is: you’re gonna lose what little elected power you have left in 2018. The demise of The Plantation Party is imminent.

        13. Maybe we will when you deadbeat fingerpointers pay your United Nations bill that is outstanding.
          We won’t even talk about Trumplethinskin (I read that in this forum and loved the name) and his “Buy American” and “Hire American” bullcrap while he pulls the wool over Comrade Botvinnik Russian eyes.

        14. bullshït…you are a liar. The United States has been Canada’s military defense since WWII, you jackass. Pay up, Poland always has, you’re not “special” you fücking Trudeauan leeches.

        15. Nope, not a lie. If you read the ‘real’ news rather than your Archie comic books and your porn stash, you would know that the US owes a crap-load of dues to the UN. Rather hypocritical I would think given President Blowhard’s push concerning NATO.
          As for history, try to remember this simple fact, Canada was in WWII LONG before you guys were. Your ignorance shines like a star.

        16. lol….okay pal, we will send you the monthly rent on Manhattan riverfront property for fifty years. In the meantime, pay your NATO dues goldbrickers.

        17. “American taxpayers will pony up around $3.024 billion this year towards the United Nations’ regular and peacekeeping budgets, more than what 185 other countries combined are paying, an expert on the international body told U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday.”

          you lying fück.

        1. Russians on an individual basis may be fine, but Russia under its current regime cannot be an ally of the USA.

          Consider the trillions of dollars and millions of lives the USA spent since 1945 to stop the cancerous growth of fascist/communist regimes across the globe. Would you really want to undermine all that effort in upholding democratic principles?

          Now the #1 super best trading partner with the USA is communist China and Putin is making surprisingly good headway convincing idiots in America that his corrupt regime is a trustworthy partner, just ignore the war crimes in the Ukraine invasion and the illegal support of Syria, the bloody state takeover of private firms by Putin’s oligarch friends, and the illegal arms deals.

          Sure, America is guilty of corruption in different ways too, but how can anyone in America suggest any alliance with Putin who is essentially a dictator as crazy as Stalin? You would have to be completely brainwashed and lacking in traditional American values to support such a foolish notion.

    2. Politics in the U.S. started seriously polarizing around 1980. Republicans wanted to gain power after the embarrassment of Nixon and Watergate and Democrats fared poorly with the economic changes in the 1970s and left the door open for a B-grade actor. But they turned on Bush the Elder after his first term and opened the door for Clinton. This marked the rise of the Newt Gingrich cancer in politics – my way or nothing. But it took until the late 1990s for that cancer to metastasize. Meanwhile, the GOP spent eight years attacking Clinton, even though he actually worked pretty well with Republicans. That was the last vestige of bipartisanship in American politics.

      Now things are so polarized that truth and facts are less important than partisan politics. People believe things because those beliefs fit within their worldview, not because they make any sense. And, thus, the U.S. Is imploding. Another democracy floundering in corruption and self-interest.

    3. The left doesn’t start this kind of shit. It’s fairly well-established that, generally speaking, the further right one leans, the lower the IQ and the quicker to go into attack mode. Some of it’s biological. They’re bullies and fighters, not thinkers. They’re largely incapable of intelligent discourse and so resort to name calling (i.e. libtard, snowflake, et al…which I love to parrot right back at em for kicks) in the absence of the ability to actually debate. They beat their Jesus book, while being more morally corrupt that any other segment of society. If it wasn’t so pathetically sad, it’d be hilarious.

      Cue right-wing nut job response in 3…2…1.

      1. Everywhere you mention “left” insert RIGHT. Everywhere you mention “right” insert LEFT.

        There, I fixed it for you Mr. ELITIST CONDESCENDING GRANDE! 😈

    1. Is this bullshit really necessary botty? On any other website you and your annoying whining would be banned permanently. You reduce the average IQ wherever you go, you hateful pathetic excuse for a human.

    2. A statement of ignorance. Botty has never lived in the EU but is happy to spread propaganda FUD against the entire economic union. This is much like reading an article about the economic challenges of West Virginia and then going to a tech blog and spending every day bitching that the USA sucks.

      I would hope that intelligent readers understand that botvinnik doesn’t have a clue and can’t grasp subtleties realities and complexities of the modern world.

      1. Right wing nut jobs can’t grasp the concept of subtlety and nuance. Complex thought make them want to fall at the feet of sexual predators and psychopaths so they can be led and not have to think.

  3. Wait what??? I thought this was being refuted or going to some court?
    So the EU can say “Oh that tax rate you agreed to ten years ago? We need to adjust it up another 10%. Sorry. You now owe back taxes retroactively. ”
    Apple needs to fight this big time.

    1. court? get real…this is the EU, and this is what happens when you sell out your country’s sovereignty to an unelected cartel of bankers in Brussels.

      God bless Brexit and God bless Donald Trump.

      1. Inept Trump is digging himself a hole so deep that your imaginary diety will never be able to locate your bumbling president to bestow any blessings. Perhaps Trump is planning a deal with the devil to save what’s left of his disastrous administration.

        Who will be the next official to be subpoenaed? Which cabinet member will resign? When will the special council start the public hearings? It would all be so fun to watch if it was fiction.

        1. hey moron, in your first sentence you posit “my” deity is “imaginary” then in your second sentence you posit that the “devil” is real. This illogical un-thinking has a name….

          doublethink |ˈdəbəlˌTHiNGk|
          the acceptance of or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination.
          1949: coined by George Orwell in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

    1. “Let me tell you how it will be, there’s one for you, nineteen for me because I’m the EU, oh yeah, I’m the E-E U…and you’re workin’ for no one else but me..”

      1. The EU is a market ecosystem. Unlike Apple’s, or most any corporation’s really, it comes with with politically elected governance.

        I will give the answer, I often receive when being critical of Apple, but on the other foot. “Maybe selling in the EU is not for you. You have other markets in which to sell”.

        Who makes EU rules, Apple or EU political governance?

        Who needs it more that Apple sell in the EU, Apple or the EU citizenry? Who will it hurt more if Apple doesn’t sell there?


          From within…

          “The commission said the deal allowed Apple to pay a maximum tax rate of just 1%. In 2014, the tech firm paid tax at just 0.005%. The usual rate of corporation tax in Ireland is 12.5%.

          “Member states cannot give tax benefits to selected companies – this is illegal under EU state aid rules,” said the European competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, whose investigation of Apple’s complex tax dealings has taken three years.”

          Even I can understand that.

        2. So Apple is just like any other greedy, money grubbing company, skirting the rules and not paying their fair share.

          I can buy that …

        3. It is Apple’s fault too if they knowingly entered into this special tax arrangement with Ireland. Apple tax attorneys are paid to know that that is illegal. The only surprise is that it has taken the EU this long to crack down on Ireland for it.

          There is no reasonable defense for cronyism, even if it is perpetrated in cohoots with a company that was once easy to admire, before they got big and greedy.

  4. Come do business with us, you will only charge you {this much} in taxes.

    Later . . .
    Thanks for the years of business, but we have now determined that you need to pay us a LOT more in taxes.
    Here’s the bill . . . retroactively.

    1. The EU isn’t “business,” it’s usury and anarchy. Commonly known as “order through chaos.” it’s true definition is “chaos through control.” Brezinsky and David Rockefeller’s legacy, “A New World Order”, is the greatest threat to individual freedom this country has ever faced.

      pick a side, make a stand.

      1. And, Botty, we see this being played out on the world’s stage every single time we turn on the damned news! While the mainstream media, being the whores they are, suck them off continually amd tell us we need to think like they do. .

        1. says the loser hiding behind a screen name. Yeah, I am too. But that’s to my advantage, for when the fun begins. Make you a deal, stop being a coward and change your screen name to your full legal name. Then I’ll call off the fun. Plenty of others will step in for me at that point.

        2. Now you are just being stupid. I’m rarely confused. Surprised at the depths of some peoples stupidity but not confused. As a matter of fact, things became increasingly clear the last year.

        3. Hey bottwipe. Did I ever tell you about when I was a bouncer for a Rap Artist? Met Ice-T, Queen Latifah. Others….. did I tell ya.. huh, huh, huh… did I.

          I know what you will say. True story bottwipe. True stories.

        4. fresh cat turd for you.. but you’re anonymous… you can be a fuckin jerk all you want… big tRump supporter.

          you are all being awfully quiet on the support front. No more done more in 6 months than every ruler has ever done from any throne blah, blah, blah…
          You fools fell for the biggest con in history. You got taken by a carnival barker and we will be paying for this fiasco for a long, long time.

          Thats why you have nothing to say. That is why you are the clown you are.

        5. and for informations sake, my prison experience ended in 74. That was 43 years ago if you can’t figure it out. As far as making me feel bad about it, you may as well ask Jesus to regret turning water into wine.

        6. Dean Clark, aka botvinnik, is a troll from oklahoma who got lost on his way to the imaginary land of his dreams, Russia. Nothing the fool posts is worth reading.

        7. “Nothing the fool posts is worth reading”

          So why do you read it hypocrite with little balls?

          Bottman makes more sense and sharp wit even when putting a moron in his place that all your inane posts combined. And that CitizenX guy, natural you two losers are one in the same and blind as bats

        8. You know a lot about blow jobs being the biggest repeat blowhard on MDN all those posts with nothing to say so run along little man, your boyfriends are waiting

        9. a scathing riposte from another anonymous coward. Oh what will I do?

          gnashing of teeth…
          gnashing of teeth
          gnashing of teeth..

          awww man.. I don’t give a scat about your drive by sniping. just.shut.up.

        10. what’s the matter junior, name calling all you got to forget about the wet basement you live in? awwh, you can dish it out but obviously you can’t take it coward a coward on the record is far worse, but because you are a clueless moron you don’t have the brainpower to comprehend you can STFU anytime now but you can’t help yourself I’ll be waiting

        11. I’m sure you think you are clever trying to bait me into bumping dick heads with you but it ain’t gonna happen.

          You don’t know me nor are you really interested in what I have to say. you are just trying to get into a pissing contest to increase your “cred’.

          You didn’t have any cred before you found my post, and you don’t have any now.

          If there is something you want to say about my comments, then do it. Otherwise, shut up.

        12. that all ya’ got?

          you’re about as insightful as your doppelganger CitizenXCon, who, incidentally, is being investigated by Apple for attempting to hack my iTunes account. You are a fraud.

        13. Boooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          bottwipe…. really? Really? REALLY!

          SAD! and pathetic describes you perfectly bottwipe.

        14. Is this true?

          I know of a Dean Clark who lives in Tulsa. Not well enough to know if he’s an unhinged political lunatic, but it would be quite the coincidence.

          Botty, grow a spine and reveal thyself. Is this you?

  5. This will be in court for a while. In the meantime Apple have to put the potential back taxes in a fund. Given that a good chunk of their overseas cash is in the Europe union it won’t be an issue.
    Personally I believe the corporations should pay tax in the country it is earned in. If the eu is going to go after Apple then it also needs to go after the others too.

  6. Based on things I’ve said, which were FAR less inflammatory (and idiotic) than this botjob, MDN has previously blocked me. It’s plainly obvious that botty is someone at MDN. Otherwise, she would have been blocked LONG ago. Fuck you, MDN.

      1. Otherwise decent human beings have enjoyed licentious adventures on the internet, just as if if they had been tourists in Las Vegas, where “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Stuck-at-home stick-in-the-mud people have a chance at a Second Life on the virtual Internet. For people like these, the allure of the Internet-as-megaphone is irresistible; they can act out their formerly suppressed Archie Bunker fantasies, under the rubric of free speech and with the cover of nominal anonymity. botvinnik is one of these, I am another. Welcome to Club 2100, where the doomed come to haggle with one another over existential matters.

        1. lol, this is your great “unmasking” that Botvinnik was a Russian chess grandmaster?

          you have nothin’ because you are nothin’.

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