New Apple Park flyover shows landscaping progress, continued construction

“New drone footage of Apple Park reveals that major landscaping work is underway within the main courtyard, and that while diminished in places, campus building construction is still very much active,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“The courtyard is now home to a large tree grove as well as tall mounds of dirt, a video by pilot Duncan Sinfield shows,” Fingas reports. “Other portions of the video show that while many buildings are effectively complete, construction is still ongoing along Tantau Avenue, and even around the “spaceship” itself.”

Fingas reports, “While at least some staff are already working at Apple Park, the rough state of the campus suggests that a full transition from 1 Infinite Loop — including executives like CEO Tim Cook — may take many months.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Just get the Steve Jobs Theater ready for the iPhone event and the rest can proceed at a slower pace. Employees will still be moving in into next year.


  1. I love riding a road bicycle. I just purchased a Ciocc Morpho, made in Italy. I never figured that customs would charge me $277 import fee. Now I have some sympathy for Apple’s request for a tax reduction for importing overseas profits.

    I think that one floor of that otherwise unimaginative, reductive, and pretentious structure could be reserved for a world class bicycle palaton streamed exclusively on AppleTV. It would attract more good PR and viewers than the miserable-sounding Planet of the Apps.

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