Apple Watch Series 3 could sport MicroLED display, cellular connectivity, Apple Smartbands

“The Apple Watch Series 3 rumors we’ve heard suggest Cupertino plans on sticking with a similar design for the next Apple Watch,” Bryan M. Wolfe writes for AppAdvice. “Instead of using a touch-on-lens screen, however, the Series 3 could offer a glass-film touchscreen.”

“Cupertino could also add cellular connectivity to the third-generation Apple Watch. A switch to a micro-LED display could also be in the offering. In May 2014, Apple acquired LuxVue Technology, which owned several patents on micro-LED technology,” Wolfe writes. “MicroLED is a low-power display technology that features better color gamuts and brightness levels than LCD. It’s also more battery efficient because it doesn’t require a backlight, which could be great news for Apple Watch owners.”

“Numerous reports say some sort of glucose monitor could be arriving for the watch as early as this fall. However, instead of offering the monitor in the watch, it could ship with a special smart band. If Apple can successfully market a smart band for diabetes, just think of the possibilities. Future bands could measure sobriety, caffeine usage, and more,” Wolfe writes. “Chinese-language Economic Daily News says Apple plans on releasing the next Apple Watch series in the third quarter of the year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, bring on the Apple Smartbands™! And cellular connectivity – either built into the Watch case itself or via a Smartband – would supercharge Apple Watch sales!

If Apple achieves the holy grail for treating diabetes, non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring, Apple Watch would instantly become the essential device for hundreds of millions of people with diabetes.

According to the International Diabetes Federation:

International Diabetes Federation facts: Number of people with diabetes worldwide

As per Apple Smartbands™, we’ve been pining for them for a long time:

Whoever comes up with an accurate Apple Watch smartband that acts as a non-invasive blood glucose monitor (reverse iontophoresis) is going to make a mint.MacDailyNews, August 24, 2015

• Oh yes, let there be add-on GPS, battery extenders, and more! The thought of wearing our Apple Watch Sports but also having to lug around our iPhones on runs just for the GPS is unpalatable.MacDailyNews, March 5, 2015

We can’t wait to see where the future leads for Apple Watch especially in the areas of speed (apps need to respond faster) and independence (less reliance on iPhone, perhaps via Apple “smartbands” that deliver things like GPS tracking for runners, extended battery life, etc.) — MacDailyNews, December 17, 2015

We would love to see Apple launch Apple Smartbands that add sensor and other functionality to Apple Watch. An Apple GPS Smartband and an Apple Battery Smartband, right now, would sell like wildfire. It’s a missed opportunity for the original Apple Watch’s first Christmas, but we hope to see such items in 2016. — MacDailyNews, December 11, 2015

If Apple were to release a range of “Apple Smartbands” for the existing Apple Watch, starting with the “Apple Smartband GPS,” they would sell millions more Apple Watch units with this move alone. — MacDailyNews, February 19, 2016

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  1. Hmmm… much will these smart bands cost? Over $100? Anybody who buys Watch bands from Apple now is getting ripped. Amazon has so many for so much cheaper. I got sport bands with the holes, just like the ones Apple sells for $10 on amazon. And a nice leather, classic band for $14. Not to mention every color under the sun is also available for $10-12 in the regular rubber sport bands. They even have the gay rainbow band for $12

    1. You appear to have failed to notice every mention about these Smartbands monitoring glucose levels for diabetics.

      They’re not remotely like the sort of leather bands that you’re referring to. These smart bands are a specialised medical instrument.

    2. I guarantee you that those with diabetes, a wrist worn device that provides continual glucose monitoring will be worth far more than $100. Like alanaudio, I think you should re-read the article.

  2. It’s not just people with Diabetes. All people focused on health and fitness should track glucose levels as it is a direct contributor to weight gain/loss issues for almost everyone. Almost everyone agrees that diets like Atkins work because they reduce or eliminate simple carbs and sugars from the diet. Its also been shown that individuals response to various foods is also unique and finding those foods that cause spikes is a key to managing weight gain/loss.

    1. Exactly. Moment by moment glucose monitoring capability is HUGE. The Holy Grail of the promise of technology in general health. Tie it into simultaneous cholesterol monitoring and it’s DOUBLE HUGE. Knowing what your body is up to is more than half the battle.

      1. Agreed … this is akin to how researcher are now trying to DNA sequence as many people as possible combined with the results of care. They hope that they can try to identify positive care plans based on similar dna profiles … essentially allowing them to customize the care/treatment plans to the individual.

        You are unique … just like everyone else! 😉

  3. Battery life is already great in my reconditioned version 2 watch, no complaints. Denied wanting one for the longest time, but after pricing the fitness trackers the Apple Watch is actually the better deal for all it does and its future potential.

  4. Some of this report strikes me as strange. Would micro LED be an improvement over the existing OLED which doesn’t require a backlight at all since each pixel can luminesce on its own? It has perfect blacks and only need power those pixels that have to light up.

    Maybe I’m missing something…

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