Apple creates new managing director role for China

“Apple wants China to know it’s serious about their relationship,” Zoey Chong reports for CNET.

“So on Wednesday, the iPhone maker announced the appointment of Isabel Ge Mahe as its managing director for Greater China, a new role for the region,” Chong reports. “Ge will be based in Shanghai, where she’ll begin working ‘later this summer,'” said Apple. She will lead and coordinate teams across China, having previously worked with local telecom firms to develop iPhone and iPad features specifically for the country.”

Chong reports, “The newly created role is Apple’s latest move at advancing its efforts in China to localize services and deal with notoriously difficult Chinese laws.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, Isabel Ge Mahe!

Hopefully, Ge can help get Apple’s iTunes Movies and iBooks services turned back on.

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  1. How about a Managing Director for Apple TV?

    How about a Managing Director for TV Content?

    How about a Managing Director for Home Infrastructure?

    How about a Managing Director for Siri Effectiveness?

    all these things, just to show they are serious.

  2. Not only is Apple serious about their relationship from China but it will be a relationship that probably won’t involve invading, killing innocent civilians, bombing a hospital and blatant accusations.

    Considering Apple’s home nation, that’s a breath of fresh air.

    MAGA, Make Apple Gain Amicably.

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