A closer look at Apple iPhone 8’s 3D facial recognition feature

“Regardless of whether or not the iPhone 8 will feature Touch ID, it’s all but guaranteed that the device will feature facial recognition technology,” Yoni Heisler writes for BGR. “Over the past few weeks and months, word that the iPhone 8 will incorporate facial recognition has been corroborated by a number of credible sources, not to mention an endless stream of iPhone 8 parts leaks featuring discernible cutouts for additional camera sensors on the front panel of the device.”

“While Apple tends to keep upcoming technologies and features under lock and key, its upcoming facial recognition software will likely be based on technology it acquired when it purchased an Israeli machine learning company called Realface earlier this year,” Heisler writes. “Consequently, a close examination of Realface’s cutting edge technology can provide us with a number of significant clues as to what we can expect out of the highly anticipated iPhone 8.”

“Realface’s implementation is completely novel and perhaps more advanced than anything else available in the mobile space,” Heisler writes. “The company also claims that its software can recognize faces with an impressive 99.67% success rate, a figure which is actually higher than the 97.5% success rate most humans are capable of when it comes to recognizing faces.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Using Touch ID as our guide, Apple’s patented implementation will be significantly more advanced and secure than any so-called competitors’ half-assery, whether it be on the market already or planned for future iPhone knockoffs.

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  1. Q: How is this system actually “3D”? You’d need two image input sources.

    Samsung has recently foisted ‘facial recognition’ in their devices that turned out to be worthless. Stick a 2D picture of the device owner, including a snap simply shown on a smartphone screen, stick it in front of the device and YOU’RE IN! Craptastic. Wasted technology.

    Only a ‘3D’ sensor aspect would add anything superior. So can it tell the distance of ears, nose, lips, eyes, forehead… from the device sensor(s)?

    It’s all rumor mill trash anyway. We wait…

      1. I don’t pay much heed to the rumors as they’re typically nonsense. But:

        I’ve seen mockups of the regular camera on at least one model having two lenses facing away from the user. Is that what you’re referring to? That would be awkward for the user. The lenses are supposedly stacked vertically, which is not how we humans typically see 3D, but it would work.

        And/Or will there be two lenses facing the user? That would be far more convenient and again would work.

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