Apple’s single most important WWDC 2017 announcement: ARKit

In a roundup of analysts’ opinions on Apple’s ARKit augmented reality platform for developers announced at WWDC 2017, Phillip Elmer Dewitt includes Loup Ventures’ Gene Munster who writes:

ARKit is the single most important announcement from today’s keynote, enhancing iOS 11 devices for augmented reality. ARKit instantly creates a multi-100m user base for AR developers over night, which compares to Google’s Tango platform which we believe has well under 10 million users. We believe AR will be the core technology that eventually replaces the smartphone. Today’s announcement lays the groundwork for Apple to succeed in that future as ARKit represents the first tangible commitment from Apple to establish itself as the leader in the race to build a dominant AR-driven OS. The company will build AR-enhanced iPhones that include depth cameras and other additional hardware in the future, but they will also bring along the existing iOS device base to bring AR to all sooner than later.

Four more analysts’ views in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last Wednesday:

With ARKit in developers’ hands, the release of iOS 11 will instantly make Apple the proud owner of the largest AR platform in the world by far.

Apple CEO Cook discusses philosophy behind HomePod, ARKit’s potential market impact – June 6, 2017
Overnight, Apple will own the world’s largest augmented reality platform – June 7, 2017

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. After watching the WWDC17 keynote, I dreamt of dramatising an MDN comments thread using ARKit. Remember that vivid demo by Wingnut AR, with raiders attacking an outpost, taking place on a tabletop on stage? This technology has intriguing possibilities for animating verbal discussions using avatars in a 3D setting, as in Second Life. It could peel back psychological barriers to foster empathy and promote cooperation and understanding. That was part of my dream. Of course, there would also be a plentiful supply of broadswords and flak cannons.

  2. Wow, MDN. Impressive. Two days after the keynote, you regurgitated a point made during the keynote as your own take on the situation. Bravo, MDN. Bravo.

      1. Thank God for boty at least he has the guts to say what he believes. Many others on this site are phonies. Rah rah Apple all the time,day in and day out, even when it’s nowhere near deserved

        1. Botty doe not discuss Macs. I doubt he/she/it even owns one. Just another RNC paid blogger picking fights with every one on an unmoderated forum for a company that is, and always was, politically liberal.

          I do not ever thank god for asswipes who do nothing but shit in the punch bowl. You should not either.

    1. eh?

      why does MDN’s take have to be different from a point made in a keynote?
      Often MDN’s take just reinforces points made in articles.

  3. Mm . . . unlikely. It’ll be a cool novelty, but it’s honestly easier to do most things without augmentation, it ends up being annoying and restricting most of the time. It’s about as important as 3D tv turned out to be, I think. Until we are on par with a real holodeck with AR/VR (that isn’t going to be a reality for a looooong time), it’s kind of a dead end outside of special applications, though it could be quite useful in special applications. Very few people over the age of 25 want to view everything in the world through the eyes of the Terminator, and the novelty has already worn off of snapchat.

  4. Interesting only to those who believe that gee-whiz features nobody actually needs are more important than improving the performance and reliability of core functionality. The American consumer is mindlessly in love with novelty for novelty’s sake; and Apple investors are mindlessly in love with higher profits at any cost. This is a very bad combination as far as the integrity of the Apple ecosystem is concerned!

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