Jony Ive’s BFF Marc Newson has created a spectacular new $12,000 timepiece

“Jony Ive’s BFF Marc Newson may have played a role in the design of the Apple Watch, but he’s now turned his attentions to designing an entirely new timepiece,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac. “Although this isn’t one that you’ll be wearing on your wrist!”

“Instead, it’s a $12,000 limited edition hourglass, designed for the world’s leading online wristwatch magazine, Hodinkee,” Dormehl reports. “The hourglass is hand blown from a single piece of borosilicate glass.”

“The shape is created entirely by eye since no measurement device can be used during the hot glass blowing process,” Dormehl reports. “Each unit is filled with approximately 1,249,996 tiny stainless steel spheres called ‘nanoballs,’ measuring just 0.6mm in diameter.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There are only 100 of these in all the world, so get yours while they last!

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  1. “…approximately 1,249,996”. — This is a classic example of “false precision,” a form of flashy hyperbole used by showmen to impress the rubes. Designer Marc Newson himself says, more sensibly, “approximately 1.3 million.”

  2. If someone can find out the amt. of time it takes one of the “1,249,996 tiny stainless steel spheres called ‘nanoballs'” to fall through, then we can figure out how much time it takes to complete the cycle.

  3. its beautiful.
    as marc alludes, it brings time into a more visually quantifiable and visually fluid dimension.
    using precisely shaped and sized ball bearings with a special coating makes it more accurate and timeless.

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