Installing Kodi on Apple TV 4, 3 and 2

“Kodi is one of the most popular online media players around. And for good reason. It is one of the most versatile and flexible media players on the market,” David Spencer writes for AdditivieTips. “That means that not only can it play pretty much any file format you can think of, but it can also be run on just about every platform and operating system around.”

“Kodi can bring all of your media content across different devices together, allowing you to view pictures and videos from your smartphone or tablet on your laptop and so on,” Spencer writes. “For this reason, it has become particularly popular for people who want to view their content on their TV screens.”

“Both Apple TV and Kodi are purpose built to optimise media consumption so they are, in that sense the perfect pairing. However, Apple has always been cautious and controlling over what software it allow users to run on its devices, and because Kodi is a piece of open-source software, which allows users to customize it and create software add-ons, Apple does not permit Kodi a place in its app store,” Spencer writes. “But that doesn’t mean Kodi and the Apple TV can’t be combined. It just means the process is a little bit more complicated than just downloading an app.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A good guide, with easy-to-follow instructions and additional information.


  1. They neglected to mention that when side-loading Kodi onto ATV4, with a free developer account you have to re-sign and reinstall a Kodi app bundle after 7 days, and a year for a paid dev account.

  2. I’m gonna try it in my 3rd gen apple tv. I never upgraded to the 4th gen not because of the lack of 4k but because of the microsofnian menus thats ask you like a ton of questions or takes you to a lot of menus before you can play anything.

    Just check out how much clicks it takes you to start a movie or tv show in nexflix in the apple TV and in the Roku. And how much click it takes to resume a movie or a show.

    Apple really need to work in the simplicity of the apple Tv.

    1. I spoke too early, it con not be installed on Apple TV 3rd gen. What they tell you to do is a simple mirroring of a device with Kodi in it, that is not installing on apple tv 3.

  3. To all users of Kodi:

    There’s an exploit in all but the most recent release of Kodi. Therefore, be certain you’re using the latest version. At the moment, that’s their version 18.0 alpha. Do NOT use version 17.x or earlier with subtitles turned on.

    The exploit: Turning on subtitles downloads a subtitles file. This file can be malicious, potentially taking over your computer. So far, the exploit is only being used on Windows boxes. It’s unclear what effect this exploit could have on Macs. But better safe than sorry.

    The mind boggles: How The F can a mere file used to supply subtitles be read as executable? It’s about as rational as image file metadata being capable of the same. The state of computer coding remains significantly crap!

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