New iPhone 7S images reveal Apple’s dual-proged strategy for Christmas 2017

“While the iPhone 8 is gathering the lion’s share of online attention with its curved screens and wireless charging, it’s not going to be the real hero of 2017 for Cupertino. Snapped alongside the 2017 flagship is the handset that will save Apple from the twin embarrassment of a late arriving and ridiculously high-priced smartphone,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “Step forward the iPhone 7S.”

“The images,” Spence writes, “show three designs of iPhone. Adopting the nomenclature that has gained traction in the last few weeks, we have one design that shows a vertical cut-out suitable for a dual lens camera which is expected to be the iPhone 8. To the left is a larger model with a similar horizontal dual-lens cut out that feels like the iPhone 7S Plus. To the right is the smallest model with a single circular lens cut out. This presumably is the iPhone 7S.”

iphone 7s, iphone 7s plus and iphone 8 molds pictured next to each other

Spence writes, “While it’s not a confirmation, this leaked image is another compelling piece of evidence that Apple is planning a two-fold strategy for the back half of the year.” Recent reports suggest that the price for the iPhone 8 is going to skyrocket past the $1000 mark… Given the expected delay to the iPhone 8 that could push the retail release back into November (or even into December), Tim Cook and his team need to have something on sale for the bulk of the fourth calendar quarter and ahead of the festive period.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those rumors that Apple’s unannounced “iPhone 8” would be delayed into November/December and start at a price over $1,000 have been disputed in recent days by, guess what. more rumors. Divining Apple’s “strategy” based on such shifting sands is a fool’s errand. Apple is simply smartly covering all their bases and, along with a possibly upgraded iPhone SE, will offer a full-bodied iPhone lineup so users can choose the best iPhone for them.

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