Samsung to unveil new ‘stretchable display’ – a concept in which Apple has shown interest

“Samsung Display will unveil its stretchable display for the first time at the US display conference, the company said on Monday,” The Korea Herald reports.

“The Korean display maker said it is showcasing 9.1-inch stretchable organic light-emitting diode panel at the Society for Information Display 2017, which kicks off on Tuesday at the Los Angeles Convention Center,” The Korea Herald reports. “Stretchable display is the most advanced flexible display — among bendable, foldable and rollable — which can be stretched to be used for various high technologies, including wearable display, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and automobile display.”

“When pressed, the stretchable display is dented up to 12 millimeters, like a balloon, and then reverts back to its original shape, the company said,” The Korea Herald reports.”The technology, however, is still in the early stage of research and development so the firm is not sure when it will be commercialized.”

Samsung Display Stretchable AMOLED Display (Photo: Yonhap)
Samsung Display Stretchable AMOLED Display (Photo: Yonhap)

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“Althiough it may take a few years to bring this to market,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple, “Apple is also working on this very kind of display as revealed in an Apple patent application published back February and presented below in an Apple patent figure.”

Illustration from Apple stretchable display patent application
Illustration from Apple stretchable display patent application

Purcher reports, “This kind of display could be incorporated into clothing, an iDevice cover, a woman’s purse, windows and architectural elements of a building along with traditional mobile devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We just got an idea for making really cool (and really expensive) Easter eggs!

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  1. Its primary function would be, what, to distort the image? I don’t get it because it does not seem appropriate for a small device like a tablet. Could work for a large screen, say something larger than 20″hx36″w where it could be bent to conform to a person’s field of view.

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