“For as popular as the iPhone already is, Apple’s iconic smartphone will take things to the next level once the iPhone 8 is released later this year,” Yoni Heisler reports for BGR. “Said to feature a sleek new redesign with an edge-to-edge display, the iPhone 8 will likely spur the largest and most significant upgrade cycle Apple has seen yet.”

“With the excitement for the iPhone 8 building with each passing week, there have been a few worrisome reports claiming that the device might be subject to significant delays,” Heisler reports. “In fact, a handful of reports have even claimed that Apple might push back the iPhone 8 release date all the way to November.”

“Not to worry, we’re finally starting to see reports which suggest that the pessimism surrounding the iPhone 8 release date may have been blown out of proportion,” Heisler reports. “According to a new research note from Morgan Stanley, the iPhone 8 will hit store shelves during a normal time frame, which is to say that it will likely be released sometime in mid-late September. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote earlier this month:

As always, we take iPhone rumors, whether they’re positive or negative, with a truckload of salt, especially in the first half. A lot of it, we surmise, springs from investors trying to talk down/up the stock.

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